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    12 Reasons The Beatles' "Help!" Is Perfection

    The Fab Four's second feature film, Help!, turns 50 this month!

    1. George contemplating his growing appeal to fans.

    2. Paul fans nearly getting a look at his bits.

    3. The greatest moment in cinematic history.

    4. John being honest to Ringo.

    5. John showing off his sexy dance moves.

    6. This brilliant dialogue exchange.

    7. Paul giving us his ultimate "judging you" face.

    8. This perfect example of Beatle nonchalance.

    9. John giving us the ultimate in bed envy.

    10. And John subtly advertising his latest book, A Spaniard in the Works.

    11. John noticing something amiss with his soup.

    12. And one of the best music sequences in cinema history.