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10 Things That Seem To Happen Every Lent

It's supposed to be a solemn religious observance of fasting, prayer, and self-denial for millions of Christians. Somehow, it doesn't always feel like that.

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1. Trying to convince your family to go to the quickie ash distribution rather than the actual mass. / Via

It still counts, right?

2. Having to hear the same “Hey, you’ve got something on your face!” joke over and over again on Ash Wednesday. / Via

No, please tell it again. It wasn't funny the first 4,000 times I heard it today.

3. Comparing ash shapes with your family. / Via

They're like free Rorschach tests. Which may not actually be a good thing.

4. Having that one friend who gave up caffeine or Facebook for Lent and has to remind you about it every damn day. / Via

No, please, tell me more.

5. Trying to gauge when would be the best time to pick up pizza on a Friday night to avoid the crowds. / Via

Pizza on a Friday night during Lent. REAL ORIGINAL.

6. Staring longingly at bacon at least once every Friday morning. / Via

Why is it only on Fridays I'm craving bacon pancakes?

7. Arguing with your family about when Lent actually ends: Palm Sunday, Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday. / Via

Say I get to eat chocolate again on Palm Sunday! SAY IT!

8. Eating meat accidentally at least once on a Friday, feeling guilty for 30 seconds, and then continuing because you might as well finish what you started. / Via

Don't want to be rude...

9. Using Lent as an excuse to restart your failed New Year’s resolutions. / Via

Better late than never, am I right?

10. But only following them for the 40 days because come on, we’re not training for the Olympics or something. / Via

There's always next year.

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