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13 Reasons No Man Will Ever Surpass Heath Ledger In "10 Things I Hate About You"

Like most pre-teens, I thought I'd meet someone like Patrick Verona in high school. I did not. But he should still be your #1 dream man.

1. He knew the way to a feminist's heart.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Talk more second-wave feminism to me, baby.

2. He looked like this when the girl he loved read a corny poem about him in class.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

I'm not the only one who used to fast-forward to this scene, right?

3. He was good at sarcasm.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

He gave Kat a run for her money in the snark department.

4. Speaking of sarcasm, he wasn't turned off by it.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

If only all guys were as chill regarding eyerolls.

5. He was a dangerous bad boy...

Touchstone Pictures / Via

All those black T-shirts. So mysterious.

6. ...with a heart of gold.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

AKA the perfect man.

7. He gave great advice.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Especially to his future doppelgänger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

8. He'd keep you safe if you had too much to drink.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

This movie also gave us ridiculously high expectations for high school parties. We were all let down by the real thing.

9. He had just the right amount of self-awareness.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

How dare you assume he wouldn't want to be described in traditionally feminine terms.

10. He gave the greatest love declaration in cinema history.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

OK, fine, at the time he was being paid to do it — but this scene made you weak in the knees! Admit it!

11. He planned the best dates.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

And he was rocking the man bun years before hipsters ruined it.

12. He smiled like this.

Touchstone Pictures / Via


13. And he kissed like this.

Touchstone Pictures / Via


Miss you, Heath.

Touchstone Pictures / Via
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