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13 Reasons No Man Will Ever Surpass Heath Ledger In "10 Things I Hate About You"

Like most pre-teens, I thought I'd meet someone like Patrick Verona in high school. I did not. But he should still be your #1 dream man.

1. He knew the way to a feminist's heart.

2. He looked like this when the girl he loved read a corny poem about him in class.

3. He was good at sarcasm.

4. Speaking of sarcasm, he wasn't turned off by it.

5. He was a dangerous bad boy...

6. ...with a heart of gold.

7. He gave great advice.

8. He'd keep you safe if you had too much to drink.

9. He had just the right amount of self-awareness.

10. He gave the greatest love declaration in cinema history.

11. He planned the best dates.

12. He smiled like this.

13. And he kissed like this.

Miss you, Heath.