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17 Things Everyone Goes Through When They Buy Tickets Online

Listen: we've all been there. But who says we have to keep bowing down to Big Tickets? Enough is enough. Fan Freedom aims to put the power back into the hands of you, the fans, and protect the rights of ticketholders everywhere. When fans stand up, Big Tickets backs down.

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1. Did you hear? Your Favorite Band is in town playing a Big Show, and it's One Night Only! Holy cats!

2. What're you waiting for?? Let's go buy some concert tickets on the Internet!

3. Now, let's just, uh, pick some seats...

4. Oh, dang! All the good ones are sold out already. Somehow. Well, you'll probably still be able to see them from the nosebleeds, right?




5. Now let's buy these suckers! Double-click and...we're waiting. 15 minute wait time? No problem.

6. 10 minutes. We've waited through worse.

7. 5 minutes. Almost. Therrrre.

8. 1 minute. You can practically TASTE those tickets.

9. Whoa, what the what? We're back up to 15 minutes again? Uh, sure, okay. No sweat.

No. Sweat.

10. Okay, phew, we finally got through. High five break! Now, let's buy these suckers. Bust out that credit card, and...

11. Wait wait wait, what's all this? Service fees? Venue fees??

12. Fees to print out your tickets on your own dang printer?!

13. Credit card and ID required to even enter??!!

14. Well, let's at least see how much the tix are going for on other sites...

15. Well, back to Ticketma--wait, hold up. Your session timed out??

16. And all the tickets are sold out?!

17. Welp, there's only one thing left to do.

Isn't it time we made a difference?