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Cheapest Date Ideas EVER!!

Everyone is on a budget! But Romance Doesn't have to Be! Most of these Dates will cost you almost NOTHING!

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Throw Rocks at Stuff


Bring back the memories of childhood with this date. You and your boo will have the time of your life throwing rocks at whatever is around you; buildings, trees, even street signs. Its a fool-proof date that is sure to encourage a spark of romance!

Price: $0.00

Romance Level: 7/10

Watch TV


Nothing says "Hey Date me!" than an evening at home. Show your boo how interesting you are by your Netflix queue, maybe he too wants to watch Sex and the City for 9+ hours or you can binge on Downton Abbey, either way its a great way to avoid actually talking to that person. Loves it!

Cost: How Ever Much Netflix is a Month so... $13?

Romance Level: 9/10

Walk Along the Nearest Body of Water


Living in New York City there are tons of cheap date ideas!

One of my favorites is to explore the beautiful nature of the city.

Just grab your boo and walk along the city's finest natural waters. Admire the beauty of the water and chat about local issues. It's romance at its finest.

Cost: $0.00

Romance Level: 10/10

Sit in Silence


Sometimes less is more, and with this date silence is more!! Most people share conversation in a date but the true test of a relationship is how comfortable the silence can be, or not. Show your boo you are serious with complete silence. This date is cheap and beyond creative. They will love it!

Cost: $0.00

Romance Level: 8/10

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