The Fanarchist When one talks about online ticketing, ticketing fees are never left out of the conversation. Anyone who wishes to purchase tickets for a concert, an event, a trade show or any other event from the internet will HAVE to pay some fees for the same....
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  • Let’s Stand United Against Ticket Scalping!

    Ticket scalping is not new, and for the last couple of decades or so; private citizens, online ticket sellers, andsometimes even the event venue or organization, sell tickets at a much higher price than their face value. We all hate exorbitant ticket prices and ticket scalpers but still they are active and brilliantly make holes in our pockets. If we want to drag ticket scalpers down and stop them, first we need to understand the factors that make them so successful.

  • Ticketmaster High Ticketing Fee

    Ticketmaster is the greediest company around. If they really wanted to make their huge profit without pissing people off, they wouldn’t charge us this $4.75 convenience fee and $3.50 service fee and $2.50 processing fee and who knows what else.

  • Ticketmaster Refund Policy

    You shouldn’t be able to get a refund from Ticketmaster because Ticketmaster have some great excuses that force you to accept that they aren’t refundable charges!

  • Ticketmaster’s High Ticketing Fee

    Fanarchist would like to thank everyone for their support towards our movement and motivates us to come up with our next video. Ticketmaster charges you to use your own ink and paper to print tickets and they called it “Convenience Fees”. Ticketmaster do not have any regrets and any humiliation with that ridiculous “ticketing fee” that they charge the hard-working fans. The sad part with Ticketmaster is that, they force the fans to suffer for their own profit and for greed of dollars. Please visit and follow us on and for latest news and article about online ticket industry.

  • The Walking Dead – Ticketmaster Apocalypse

    The video is dedicated to all those fans who have experienced a terrible time ordering tickets online for the Bruce Springsteen concert scheduled for April 1, 2012. The tickets went on-sale at 10:00 am and within 5 minutes 90% seats were full and only left with some obstructed seats, all thanks to Ticketmaster and By publishing this video, Fanarchist believe that, all who have booked tickets from Ticketmaster and Ticketsnow will get a chance to express their rage through comments and likes. Visit our website and follow us on and for support this movement and latest information.

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