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    Posted on Jan 12, 2018

    By Refusing To Choose Between Pizza And Tacos, People In Mexico Have Now Changed The Late Night Grub Game Forever

    Because why can't we have both??

    For too long, humanity has faced a dilemma of epic proportions: pizza or tacos?

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    But there's a hero in Tijuana, Mexico, who has gifted us the perfect solution in the form of this improvised "al pastor pizza."

    Facebook: yoamotijuanaoficial

    Or adobada, like locals call it.

    While you can get al pastor pizza in many places in Mexico as well as the U.S., this one's particularly ~authentic.~


    Because it's literally a Little Caesars pepperoni pizza, topped with actual al pastor meat from a street vendor.

    Carolina Adame / Via Facebook: SoydeTijuana

    And guac and salsa, of course.

    Which means you can make it yourself almost anywhere!

    Facebook: video.php

    All you need is a pizza and your fave taco truck or shawarma stand.

    And there you have it: al pastor pizza of your very own making.

    Just imagine: never again will you have to choose between tacos or pizza.

    It's practically a whole new lifestyle, you guys...

    Facebook: video.php

    And we're 1000% on board with it. Can someone pass the guac?


    This post was translated from Spanish.

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