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19 People Whose Day Is Going A Lot Less Well Than Yours

Yeah, you're not alone.

1. First, there's this guy, who thought he was about to get the party started:

2. Then, there's this server, who kiiinda dropped the ball:

3. This pizza consumer never intended for this to happen:

4. And this kid is about to be taken off grocery duty for suuuure:

5. This guy is living out our greatest train fear:

6. And this taqueria scene is just a lose-lose situation for us all:

Twitter: @melghs

Not the carne al pastor!!!

7. This guy is probably wondering where the "restart" button is for today:

8. And this is a shot of a produce purveyor at the exact moment they were thinking "FML":

9. This tamale incident would give Kevin from The Office a run for his money:

10. And this is every corner store owner's worst nightmare:

11. This person just gave us a new phobia — the fear of ripping up money while opening envelopes!

12. This person is deciding whether or not to just go back to bed:

13. This person's extremely respectable intentions to repaint the kitchen are now officially foiled:

14. And this guy is probably deciding if it's still worth seeing that movie:

15. This person wants their hat back at all costs:

16. And this person is about to get a very brutal lesson about gravity:

17. This dog owner is more exasperated than you are, we bet:

18. Meanwhile, this person isn't entirely sure if this is how it's done...

19. And finally, we're pretty sure this security guard is NOT getting paid enough for this bullshit:

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This post was translated from Spanish.

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