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    Here's The Shitty Reason Why Coco's Name Had To Be Changed In Brazil

    Literally though.

    So, Pixar's latest movie, Coco, hits US theaters today.


    The animated feature — which has taken Pixar six years to produce — follows the adventures of a young musician named Miguel as he travels to the Land of the Dead.

    The movie's name comes from the character Mama Coco, who is Miguel's great-grandmother.


    Which is all very sweet, right?

    Except, in Brazil, Pixar had to tweak the name just a little...

    Disney Pixar

    They titled it Viva! A Vida É Uma Festa! which roughly translates to "Cheers! Life is a party!"

    ...because in Brazil, it turns out that the word cocô means "poop."


    Which means they had to change Mama Coco's name, too, since you can't really have a "Gram Gram Poop" situation.

    Pixar / BuzzFeed

    Instead, in the Brazilian version of the movie, Miguel's great-grandmother is named Lupita.


    So this is all to say that, while the rest of the world is probably sobbing over the gorgeous Coco movie and its promos, Brazilians see something a little different...

    Pixar / BuzzFeed

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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