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If You Do More Than 10 Out Of These 16 Things, You Definitely Leave Everything For The Last Minute

Why do anything on Monday when you can save literally everything for the end of the day on Friday?

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2. You always know when you have something you should be working on, but you always manage to convince yourself that you have tons of time to do it.

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"I have time for a movie today, and I can still make that party tomorrow, and then I'll just start that project I've been putting off for two weeks the day after that."


8. And this isn't a new problem for you. You've been this way since you were a kid when you'd forget to tell your parents about your school supply list until the day before class.

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You've made your mom take you on more than a couple 11pm runs to Office Depot before the first day of class.


11. You've essentially never enjoyed a weekend because that's when you end up doing all the stuff you were supposed to finish during the week.


All your friends are out partying and you're at home doing homework, or finishing a report, or filing your expenses, etc.


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