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22 Stages Of Mourning You Go Through When Your Favorite Show Ends

Why couldn't they just keep it on the air forever?!

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1. It's always the same, you start watching a series, get obsessed, fall in love with the characters, and then...

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2. The tragic news: "This will be the final season."

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3. Obviously, the first stage is denial. It's probably just rumors, right? They wouldn't cancel your favorite show.

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4. But then the official statements start to come out and you have to accept reality...

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5. Your series is going to end!

6. You don't know what to do, you really want to cherish the last few episodes while you still can...

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7. But you know that the more you watch, the closer to the end you get.

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8. You don't know how, but suddenly the series finale is on and you feel every emotion all at once.

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9. You're happy because all the characters' problems are finally getting resolved, but deep inside you're sad because the story is over.

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10. The last scene comes and goes. The credits roll. All you feel is pain and an enormous emptiness.

11. You wonder how you'll fill the hole the series left behind in your heart.

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12. For a few minutes, you just sit there in total shock.

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13. Then you run to the internet to see if other people are reacting, tweeting, or talking about the show. Anything to make it feel like it's still there.

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But all you find is an entire fandom filled with people who are suffering like you.

14. The spiritual emptiness lasts a few days. But little by little, you start to heal over time.

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15. Until one week later, on the night your favorite show used to be on. That's when you remember that you'll never see a new episode again.

The wound is open again!
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The wound is open again!

16. You seriously contemplate starting the series over again on DVD or Netflix, but it'd be too much to take right then.

17. So you turn to another series and you try to forget.

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But it's never the same.

18. Your friends and family start to notice that something is wrong, but it's too hard to explain to them that you're sad because you miss all your TV friends.

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19. Your only consolation is talking to other fans going through the same thing.

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20. You start to accept, little by little, that it's never coming back.

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21. As months go by, you become filled with resignation.

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22. And you finally learn to let go and get on with your life.

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But you'll always have your memories, and you'll always feel nostalgic when you see a GIF from the show online.

You will be missed.

RIP Pretty Little Liars, Sense8, Vampire Diaries, Girls, Bates Motel, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, and all the other shows we lost this year.
Bennymarty / Getty Images

RIP Pretty Little Liars, Sense8, Vampire Diaries, Girls, Bates Motel, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, and all the other shows we lost this year.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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