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Prepare For Your Mind To Be Blown By This "Ratatouille" Fan Theory That Honestly Makes So Much Sense

Ever wonder why the food critic would get so sentimental?

Pixar, of course, is notorious for hiding Easter egg surprises inside their films to reveal unexpected details.

And in Ratatouille, for example, there are Easter eggs like this one, which makes a reference to Up.

But last week, Imgur user ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf noticed a few more details hidden in Ratatouille that tie together two previously unrelated characters: the old woman whose house Remy sneaks into, and Ego, the food critic.

Okay, so in the movie's first big scene, we're inside the old woman's house, in the countryside. And there are a few distinctive items in the kitchen...

And the curtains, sink faucet, and the fruit bowl here.

We see these SAME items again later, during the hugely important scene where Ego, the food critic, has a flashback about his mother cooking for him.

It's not just the two kitchens that match. Here's another shot inside the woman's house from the first scene...

And here's the flashback again, with the SAME furniture and fireplace.

According to this theory, these similarities mean that the old woman is actually Ego's mother.

Which means...

Remy's ratatouille reminds Ego of his mother's — BECAUSE REMY ACTUALLY LEARNED HOW TO MAKE IT FROM HER!

The movie was right all along — anyone can cook!

Damn, Pixar. You've done it again.

This post was translated from Spanish.