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21 Ways We All Identify With Helga From "Hey Arnold" So Hard

Strong opinions, stronger brow game.

1. First of all, you're the complete opposite of passive aggressive.


In fact, you're kind of just straight-up aggressive.

2. People know to generally not mess with you...


Or to be lurking behind you, TBH.

3. Everyone's always asking if you're in a bad mood.


But the truth is that your face just looks like that all the time.

4. Because deep down, you contain multitudes.


Deep, deep down.

5. You're woefully romantic...


But would rather chew glass than admit it.

6. And incredibly sentimental...


It's honestly endearing.

7. And, okay, sometimes you get a little carried away...


It's not easy being this passionate of a person, okay?

8. And "Dramatic" should probably be your middle name.


It's called artistic expression, look it up.

9. You're often impulsive...


So many football heads to put in their place, so little time.

10. Yet endlessly talented...


Though it's not like you'd brag about it or anything.

11. And your worst fear is living in someone else's shadow.


There could be nothing more awful.

12. But no matter what, you'd do anything for your friends...


You don't always say it, but they know you love the heck out of them.

13. Or go out on, uh, a limb for something you care about...


It gets you in a lot of iiiinteresting situations.

14. But when it's time to actually act on your feelings, sometimes you choke.


It's the most frustrating thing.

15. It doesn't help that you're a hella jealous person...


Pity the fool who tries to pull a fast one on you.

16. But you've got some jokes...


Or at least, so you've been told.

17. And when it comes to speaking your mind, you never, ever hold back.


Which lands you into a lot of trouble.

18. You've tried to change yourself for people, but always knew it wouldn't work.


You know there's nothing better to be than yourself.

19. Because for real, who could possibly be having more fun than you??


You do what you want, when you want, however you want.

20. Because you give zero fucks...


And you got zero chill in you.

21. And that's the way you like it.


And so do we.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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