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Chris Hemsworth Will Visit Mexico To Help Raise Funds For Earthquake Victims

Just Thor doing heroic Thor things.

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You know Chris Hemsworth as our fave Nordic god/hero/star of Thor: Ragnarok, which opened last weekend.

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BUT: did you know that this hammer-wielding, golden-maned mighty man is actually pretty heroic IRL?

According to a report by the Spanish-language news site Excelsior last weekend, Hemsworth is planning to visit Mexico City to raise funds for those affected by last September's earthquakes.

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The Mexican capital had been particularly devastated by the September 19 earthquake, due to the city's geographic location and the fact that it's built on a layer of "pudding"-like clay.

Hemsworth's fundraising for reconstruction efforts is in partnership with Diageo Rebuilds, a volunteer effort from the spirits brand Diageo.

You'd know Diageo as the company behind brands like Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff. Hemsworth is the brand ambassador for Buchanan's, one of the company's Scotch whisky brands.


For a little context on that partnership, here's an ad Hemsworth did last year for Buchanan's that appeared on Mexico television.

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Happy to report that Hemsworth's forearms translate well.

And even though an exact date for the visit hasn't been set, locals in Mexico are stanning for it.

Translation: "Chris Hemsworth in Mexico and I'm like..."

This post was translated from Spanish.