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    19 Pets In Halloween Costumes Who Really Just Want To Stay Home This Year

    But, boy, do they look cute.

    1. This pirate pupper, who seriously cannot wait until Nov. 1.

    @TheTrentMuzny / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheTrentMuzny

    2. This avocado cat, who just wants to know: why???

    @willowthesquishycat / Instagram / Via

    3. This duck doggy, who's unimpressed with this current look.

    @BrookeLaxton / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BrookeLaxton

    4. This pouty lil' lion, who cannot believe this is happening to her.

    Imgur / Via

    5. This martini mutt, who does not think you're funny.

    Museum of Internet / Facebook / Via Facebook: MuseumOfInternet

    6. Nor does this beleaguered boxer.

    Museum of Internet / Facebook / Via Facebook: MuseumOfInternet

    7. Shark kitten can't even bear to look at himself.

    @danielledebs / Twitter / Via Twitter: @danielledebs

    8. And this baby bunny thinks you have some EXPLAINING to do.

    Happy Easter / Via

    9. Batman and Joker are feelin' pretty betrayed here.

    Sunny Skyz / Via

    10. And this angel tutu pup thought she could trust you!!!!

    @sarahmiller_4 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @sarahmiller_4

    11. ET will be notifying your bed, and not her litter box, of her dissatisfaction soon.

    Blogspot / Via

    12. This might be photographic evidence of the saddest unicorn in the world.

    99.9 The Point / Via

    13. And this poor dragon is afraid of what the other neighborhood doggos will think.

    @changkayy / Twitter / Via Twitter: @changkayy

    14. Hungry Caterpillar is refusing to make eye contact.

    @hilarygraant / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hilarygraant

    15. This Bumbledog just wants to know what he did wrong.

    @chris_BROwen / Twitter / Via Twitter: @chris_BROwen

    16. While this monster kitty has officially given up and surrendered to her fate.

    @allY_fedor / Twitter / Via Twitter: @allY_fedor

    17. You can actually see the glimmer of hatred in this minion's eyes.

    @kbowling12 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kbowling12

    18. And this Cat in the Hat definitely does NOT like that.

    Blogspot / Via

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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