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    25 Things "Emo" Kids Today Will Never Know What We Had To Live Through

    You have a bachelor's in hair straightening and a doctorate in black eyeliner.

    1. Your hair was the most important thing in your life.

    2. And you were a slave to that damned straightening iron.

    3. The wallpaper on your computer and phone (and everything with a screen that you owned) looked like this:

    4. And of course you had a MySpace page and of course it looked like this:

    5. Your MySpace page was also obviously covered in these:

    6. You insisted on cutting your own hair.

    7. And you dreamed of having colored hair.

    8. You sat dramatically in corners.

    9. You were a huge fan of Pon and Zi.

    10. And you loved the comics and videos about Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl.

    11. You still get goosebumps when you hear the first notes of Welcome to the Black Parade.

    12. You were an expert at taking pictures in front of the mirror.

    13. You mastered the art of putting on black eyeliner.

    14. At that time, you wanted a face filled with piercings.

    15. You were always in search of the perfect skinny jeans.

    16. The magazine "Kerrang" was your Bible.

    17. You bought anything and everything that had Emily the Strange on it.

    18. And you wanted to live in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    19. You needed these Vans more than you needed oxygen itself:

    20. Oh, and these Converse high tops as well:

    21. This is what the walls of your room looked like.

    22. You had an enormous crush on Pete Wentz, Gerard Way, and/or Bendon Urie.

    23. So obviously, when Ryan Ross left Panic! At the Disco, you felt like life didn't matter anymore.

    24. You dreamed about going to Hot Topic.

    25. And you thought you would be emo your whole life.

    This post was translated from Spanish.