16 Reasons Why You Need To Watch The Next Fall Out Boy Music Video

Fall Out Boy’s releasing a music video for every song on their new record “Save Rock and Roll”. Here’s everything you need to know about Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles. OH and watch the latest video in the series “Where Did The Party Go” below!

1. There’s a mysterious briefcase and the contents have yet to be revealed

The story begins with “The Phoenix” and the band huddled around a briefcase. They’ve spent all 7 videos running away from people trying to take the briefcase. What’s in it?! Maybe it’ll be like Pulp Fiction

2. It’s caused all kinds of violent acts against Fall Out Boy including tazing…

Patrick cuffs the briefcase to his hand and ventures out into the world. He eventually gets tazed and kidnapped. (Don’t taze me bro! Ok, do)

3. …and dismemberment by way of butcher knife

The crazy capturers steal the brief case BY CHOPPING OFF PATRICK’S HAND! (he now has a stump for a hand…get it…Patrick Stump)

4. The whole band has been kidnapped

Special delivery for Pete Wentz. Oh look it’s Patrick’s hand! Eventually all the band members get kidnapped by the girls and get thrown in a van.

5. And force fed Patrick’s insides

There are also boobz in this video for “Young Volcanoes” in case you’re wondering.

6. They spent a whole video in straightjackets yelling

7. Oh, and Big Sean was there too


8. Sometimes, Patrick is possessed

This started in the “Alone Together” video and has come back a couple times throughout. What is he possessed by? Or is it jaundice?

9. And sometimes 2 Chainz shows up with his flamethrower

(This is the first time he’s been seen doing this, by the way)

10. Hopefully he doesn’t burn anymore old Fall Out Boy records

Pretty sure somebody out there wants this

11. Maybe we’ll find out who these kids chasing Andy are working for

12. And Big Sean can break their neck


13. Except he died in the 5th music video

Keeping up? Almost there…

14. Maybe there will be more bromance

15. And you’ll find out why Foxes is evil

Foxes rescues the band in her red pickup truck. Patrick called shotgun while the other guys climb into the bed of the truck…except she isn’t on their side

16. And maybe…Patrick will kill his own band

In the last music video for “Just One Yesterday”, Patrick turns evil again, jumps out of the car and chases Joe, Andy, and Pete into Linda Vista Community Hospital.

17. Find out in Part 7 of Save Rock and Roll: The Youngblood Chronicles - “Where Did The Party Go”

If you feel like you need to catch up, watch the last 6 videos here including the current single “Alone Together”.

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