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    I've Never Seen "The Office," So I Watched The Pilot And Finale And Nothing In Between

    Yes, I know what you're gonna say: I'm an uncultured swine, you don't have to tell me.

    Hey, I'm Fallon, and I've never seen a single episode of the infamous show The Office.

    This always shocks people, and I sometimes feel looked down upon for not having watched it... but it's just a thing with me: I don't like to watch overly popular things. I've never seen Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Tiger King, or anything else seemingly trendy or popular. You name it, I probably haven't watched it.

    Anyway, when I saw Farrah Penn's posts about how she watched only the pilot and finale of shows she'd never seen, like How I Met Your Mother and Pretty Little Liars, I thought, "I could do that, there's a million things I've never seen."

    Anyway... onto watching my first episode of The Office!

    I have no prior knowledge of *anything* on this show, except the memes, GIFs, and how people base their personalities on watching this show. 😉 But, as far as the characters and plot go, I have no clue, so I'm going in totally blind.

    Here are my thoughts on the pilot of The Office:

    1. Aww, what a wholesome intro.

    2. Your "quarterlies"?

    3. Did he just glance at the camera?

    4. Why is he acting unnecessarily quirky?

    5. Oh jesus, poor Pam.

    6. I'd quit my job right there if I were Pam.

    7. I would not want this doofus as my boss.

    8. So John Krasinski is Jim... who is the guy with the yellow shirt and glasses?

    9. They act like 14 year olds, geez.

    10. Are they even working?

    11. I don't understand what the structure is supposed to be, is it like how Modern Family has those moments like on a couch talking to the camera like they're being interviewed?

    12. What do they *do* at work?

    13. A fax machine... haha.

    14. God, Michael is the exact kind of guy I DON'T wanna work with. Like shut up dude, let her speak!

    15. Dear god.

    16. "As a doctor, you wouldn't tell a patient if they had cancer." What?

    17. Can Michael be serious for once?!?!

    18. Is he supposed to be likable, because he is failing miserably?

    19. Awww...Pam, sweetie, you deserve better.

    20. She definitely has a thing for Jim. They're gonna end up together, aren't they?

    21. Gosh I hate work relationships, but Pam also seems so pure and sweet.

    22. I feel like I would rather watch a 5-year-old run this office than Michael.

    23. "Be professional." What did you just say, mister?????

    24. He has some nerve putting Bono before God.

    25. I know y'all are probably gonna tell me I'm taking this show too seriously, but I'm not laughing at Michael. I thought this was supposed to be funny. Michael is just annoying so far.

    26. I'm halfway through the pilot and we are getting nowhere!

    27. Oh yeah, Pam and Jim are gonna be a thing.

    28. Dwight, now I know his name!

    29. Jello? I'm not gonna say anything.

    30. When did Michael become a middle school teacher?

    31. "Your biggest flan" is the funniest joke thus far. I feel like that says a lot.

    32. I really hope Michael becomes more mature by the finale.

    33. Wait a second... PAM HAS A FIANCÉ!!!!! WHAT???? PLOT TWIST.

    34. I thought innocent little Pam was a single Pringle who's ready to mingle... geez! Well, Jim and her still have to end up together, I'm not having this!

    35. Awkward...

    36. "Have you felt the vibe yet?" Good god.

    37. Friend first, that's the problem.

    38. Stealing what?

    39. Post it notes?

    40. I can't.

    41. This ain't funny.

    42. Please tell me it gets better than this.

    43. Yes, you are a jerk!

    44. They have not done any work in this episode.

    45. Jim likes Pam!!!

    46. Wait... Jim, are you talking to me?

    And that's it.

    ✨My consensus: Expectation: 9/10, Reality: 3/10✨

    Did I come in with too high of an expectation? Most likely. But, not to the fault of my own. I've had people claim this is the "best show ever" and that they rewatch it all the time, and I'm just not seeing it after that first episode. Hopefully, the characters grow and develop by the end of the series and I can eat my words but, right now this is not the show for me.

    Alright, here are my thoughts on the series finale of The Office:

    11. Wait they have babies?!

    12. I still really don't understand what this office does.

    13. "Bestisch Mensch?" What?

    14. Dang, who woulda thought the guy who put Dwight's stapler in jello would be the best man?

    15. "Baby wawa throws a fit..." viral video? What?

    16. Who even is this a cappella viral video guy?

    17. I didn't know Dakota Johnson was on this show?!

    18. Who's this British lady with the red hair?

    19. Yeah, this reunion thing would mean so much more if I knew who the hell these people were.

    20. What the hell?

    21. A bazooka for a bachelor party?

    22. Damn, Jim pulled out all the stops for this thing.

    23. This blonde lady's secret language with her sister sounds like Simlish.

    24. Oh Dwight, this is not the waiter.

    25. Strippers...

    26. Wait the stripper for the party is this lady's son... oh god!

    27. This is hilariously cringe! Hahaha... I'm dying.

    28. "Tip her? We haven't even gotten bread yet!" Haha, I'd be hungry too if I were Dwight.

    29. Wait, now what???

    30. "If you want your bride, buy us a drink." Y'all are some cheapskates. How is this a tradition?

    31. Kevin is the bartender at this bar???? Right after Dwight fired him?

    32. Aww... Dwight and Kevin made up. How sweet.

    33. Now where's the bride?

    34. In the trunk? Yeah that would be my reaction too, girl.

    35. Ah, so it was a documentary about... office workers? Okay, then.

    36. This retired guy spends his time carving birds, alrighty then.

    37. Filmed nonstop for nine years???? Geez.

    38. Yeah, I still know nothing about this Andy guy.

    39. Aww... Jim and Pam... my heart.

    46. Part one is over. Time for part two.

    47. Alright, time for a wedding.

    48. "Ryan, are you a manny?" ????

    49. Aww... Drake is the baby's name.

    50. "They're called premature." Oh my god.

    51. Dwight is only a slightly less annoying version of Michael.

    52. Girl what, Jim you're making that up?

    53. Oh no... Michael is here.

    54. Best prank ever? What?

    55. They're sitting on hay bales...

    56. I sense some history between Mindy Kaling and what's-his-face.

    57. Haha, take your hay bales to the seating area!!

    58. Wait, they have chairs there! What about the hay bales they just brought?

    59. Aww...Jim and Pam....

    60. Oh dear god dude! Ryan gave his baby an allergic reaction just to talk to her?

    61. Not in front of everyone, Jesus!!

    ✨My consensus: Expectation: 4/10, Reality: 8/10✨

    That was actually a really wholesome finale. I think it wrapped it up well, and it made a lot of sense! I truly did not know going into it what could have happened after nine seasons, but that was better than I thought.

    Final thoughts:

    I went into this expecting humor and fun all throughout, in both the pilot and finale. What I got in the pilot was significantly underwhelming, and if I'd tested out just that first episode, I probably would not have watched any more of the show. Michael was just immature and annoying, and I expected him to be likable because I thought he was the main character. Anyway, the pilot ended with a not-so-pleasurable taste in my mouth, but this show really redeemed itself with the finale. I'm not attached to these characters like everyone else was when watching it, and yet I still found myself feeling for these seemingly real people. The work of the writers and actors in the finale seemed so genuine and it was portrayed beautifully.

    I was anticipating a laugh out loud sort of "Friends-esque" funny humor without being a sitcom and having a laughing track, but The Office wasn't like that at all. There were funny moments, but never anything that made me throw my head back laughing. But, I think that's the point; these people are meant to portray real, average office workers, who just so happened to be filmed for nine years. They're not gonna be "on" all the time. And that's what I liked about it, it seemed real. There's beauty in the mundane.

    Anyway, I wanna hear what y'all think of The Office, like who's your favorite character? Mine is Pam, obviously. I would also love to hear suggestions for what shows/movies to watch next! Thanks so much!