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    I Recently Rewatched All Of "Victorious" And Listened To All The Albums Too, So Here's A Definitive Ranking Of All 25 Songs From Worst To Best

    "Here I am once again, feeling lost but now and then!"

    Hello, people of the internet! How are y'all doing?


    I’m alright. Since spending a whole lot of time at home, I’ve been taking some trips down memory lane with things from my childhood. And one of said trips is rewatching Victorious and listening to the soundtracks. And, oh my goodness, y’all... I forgot how good these songs are so I thought I'd make a definitive ranking of all the songs.



    These are my opinions. Everyone’s got them, and you don’t have to agree. Also, I have specific criteria for the songs I'm ranking. I'm not including covers from the episodes so no “I Want You Back” or “Don’t You (Forget About Me)." Furthermore, I'll only be ranking the 25 songs that are on the three Victorious soundtracks since that’s what I am listening to, and it’s better to get an accurate representation of the music that way.

    So, unfortunately, as amazing as Trina’s one-woman “Chicago” number is, it will not be included in this list. Neither will “Leave It All to Shine."


    So, if there’s a song you think is missing, it’s because it was not on any one of the three Victorious soundtracks. Please do not obliterate me in the comments.

    Alright, here are my rankings:

    Nickelodeon/Austin Allie

    25. "Broken Glass"


    This is the lowest ranked song because, well, it’s kinda asking to be. It’s not a song that’s meant to be taken seriously or jammed out to like the others (though if you do, I'm not judging). It’s just inconsistent and bizarre. I mean, it comes from the Diddly-Bops episode for goodness sake! So, it's not a hit for me, but only because I know Robbie has so much more potential and a much better song that you will see later on the list.

    24. "Bad Boys"


    This song is from the second-to-last episode, “Star-Spangled Tori.” In all honesty, I completely forgot about this song, and if it wasn’t on the soundtrack, I wouldn’t have even remembered that it existed. It’s forgettable, kind of basic, and doesn’t stand out like some of the other songs from the series. I think towards the end of the final season, we all just got so used to our fave Victorious songs that the new ones didn’t really stick.

    23. "Make It in America"


    I feel like I’m going to get a lot of flak for this one, but hear me out. I don’t hate this song. I actually really like it and sing along to it all the time because it's one of those songs that I remember so vividly. However, in the context of the episode, “Tori Goes Platinum,” Tori is shown to be performing this song at an award show, and it ends up being a big hit. But – for me at least – the song itself just didn’t scream “hit.” Looking back at past songs, there were much stronger options for this seemingly bombshell, show-stopping moment in this character's life and career. So, personally, the song is great and it did what it set out to do because it is super fun to sing-along to, but in the context of the show, it misses the mark a bit. Ideally, if the writers/producers could have crafted a song a little more like my top five songs on this list, it would have been PERFECT. But this song just didn’t cut it for me.

    22. "All I Want Is Everything"


    Again, this is another song I like and enjoy listening to, but it does have weird lyrics. Like, “I might not dance like M.J., R.I.P.” What? Why did they feel the need to just straight up say “R.I.P.” as a sort of tribute to Michael Jackson? It just didn’t fit with the song at all, and it’s just one of those lyrics you hear and sort of cringe at. Also, they literally say “We’ll sleep when we’re dead” in the sane song. What? It just didn’t work for me. Sorry 'bout it.

    21. "Countdown"


    I really enjoy this song. It’s from the episode, “Andre’s Horrible Girl,” and it's just upbeat and fun. It gives Hollywood Arts's designated musical genius, Andre, a chance to shine, and that's awesome! I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. I just enjoy some of the other songs more. Also, music aside, Andre should know better than to date a girl just to get a record deal. I mean, come on, man! You have the talent!

    20. "Here's 2 Us"


    For a lot of these next several songs, I’m going be saying similar things because I really like them all, and I have no criticisms for them to speak of. It’s just a personal preference, and with this song, it’s another one of those that isn’t performed in the context of anything happening in the episode. It’s just kind of another chance for Tori to be onstage which you kind of get used to after so many times. It does make me wish, however, for more solo songs from the side characters because they have awesome voices, too.

    19. "Faster Than Boyz"


    Honestly, I didn’t even remember this song either, but unlike “Bad Boys,” this song exceeded my expectations. It starts off all slow and sentimental, and then it takes this turn, and it's super fun. Repetitive? Yes. Annoying? No. I feel like any song that can include the word “SpaghettiOs” in the lyrics is a win in my book (jk... unless...). My only real gripe with this song is that it's not as popular as some of the others, and therefore it’s not very memorable.

    18. "Favorite Food"


    Okay, so this is a Diddly-Bops song, but who said those songs were bad? Oh, yeah. I did. Well let me just say I'm a little embarrassed that I’m putting this one at 18/25 on this list, but again, it’s all about context. In the Diddly-Bops episode, the gang was supposed to perform for toddlers, so yes, the song is childish, but that doesn’t make it a bad song. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t judge a song from Sesame Street in the same way I would judge a song by Elton John or something. You know? So, when you listen to it with the episode and all of that in mind, it’s not half bad. I can definitely imagine this on Yo Gabba Gabba or something like that; that’s got to count for something, right? Or maybe I’m just still a child. Who's to say?

    17. "Beggin' on Your Knees"


    This is a weird one for me because I could kind of recollect this song, but I didn’t remember it in the way I did most of the others. But this is one of those songs that I love because of how much it plays into the actual episode. Like, OH MY GOSH, do you remember Tori singing this right to Ryder’s face?! It's golden! So, for that reason, I love it, but there are still other songs that I enjoy more.

    16. "Finally Falling"


    I love this song a lot! I really like the performance, and this was actually one of the episodes of the show that I remembered most. Hell, Tori is literally wearing a zombie mask and still killing it! She can rock anything, and Beck... I mean, you cannot go wrong with him. I only wish we got some more songs for Beck to be featured on because he does have a nice voice.

    *On a totally unrelated note, I just watched the "Finally Falling" performance again and can I just say for a “performing arts school” they have one of the smallest performing stages and audiences for said performance I have ever seen? Like... my elementary school had a bigger stage than that, and we only ever did two choir performances a year. Ok, sorry for the tangent. Back to the list.*

    15. "Shut Up n' Dance"


    This song is super fun! It's without a doubt your quintessential Nickelodeon show song because it’s poppy, fun, and a little basic, but it doesn’t matter because it’s still good. It’s from the "April Fools' Blank" episode, and there were DANCING LOBSTERS! So, how can you not love it? It's also a rare number that includes all the main cast in a fun-filled sequence so it gets points for that.

    14. "365 Days"


    This is a song that I remembered all these years later. The hook would sometimes randomly get stuck in my head! It’s so good and adorable. And again, another chance for Andre to shine which you’ve got to love! Now, can we please talk about how wild it was that Andre developed a crush on Jade? Like... what?!

    13. "Song2You"


    This was also from the Diddly-Bops episode, but it wasn't performed in front of toddlers (thank goodness). This was Andre’s moment to prove himself to further his career, and he delivered, but so did Tori! So, while it does seem that everywhere Andre goes, Tori is right behind, the song still works. And in the context of the episode, it was reworked from its original version, “Favorite Food.” It’s a sweet song – very catchy and no faults to speak of.

    12. "Tell Me That You Love Me"


    I love this slower, more sentimental track. Although, if I may, this episode that the song was featured in is kind of dumb. Basically, Tori discovers the gang uses funds from the school’s ping-pong team to eat at a fancy restaurant because why not, I guess? Anyway, good ‘ol Robbie ends up eating caviar that is waaaay too expensive for them to pay for. So, now what? Well, in true hero fashion (not really), Tori saves the day by singing. Yay... Again, it gets old, but the song is still good. I’ll give it that.

    11. "I Think You're Swell"


    See, I told you Robbie had more potential! This song is SO darn cute! Robbie is singing this song to Cat to make her feel better after she gets rejected by a guy, and – oh my gosh – it’s the cutest thing. These two loyal and kind-hearted misfits joining together for that special moment... it’s a cuteness overload for sure. It’s even implied that Robbie loves Cat which might make this the most sentimental song in the entire series. So sentimental, in fact, that Ariana Grande asked Matt Bennett to perform it at one of the shows for her Sweetener Tour. Ugh... I can’t handle it!

    10. "Cheer Me Up (Only One's Dancing)"


    We’re down to the top 10! This song is also from “Tori Goes Platinum." It's Tori’s audition song for the award show that she ends up performing at. If the vibe of this song sounds familiar in a way, then look no further because this song was actually co-written by “Pocketful of Sunshine” singer, Natasha Bedingfield. That’s right! This upbeat, catchy tune is graced with a singer/songwriter’s touch, and you couldn’t ask for anything better. Even I’ll admit, this was a shining moment for Tori.

    9. "5 Fingaz to the Face"


    The reason this song is in the top 10 is because, well, it’s not bad. It's a super fun song that I've always loved singing along to with friends, and it’s one of those silly moments that made you appreciate the show because it’s not really meant to make sense. Nickelodeon shows are bizarre and quirky, and this song is a prime example of that lovable quirkiness that we all tuned in for.

    8. "You Don't Know Me"


    This is from “Tori Fixes Beck and Jade,” and oh my goodness, this is the song we all never knew we needed! It’s Jade’s defining moment after being broken up with by Beck when he realizes that she's the type of girl he wants to be with. But this song proves that she is enough on her own and that no matter what he decides to do, she'll be ok and fight for herself always. Does it give anyone else early 2000s Avril Lavigne vibes? Jade has a voice unlike any other on the show, and it’s wild that it took the writers so long to realize that she deserved a solo. But we finally got it, and she SERVED!

    7. "Freak the Freak Out"


    Everytime I hear this song I can’t help but think that the original lyrics were “freak the f**k out.” I can’t be the only one, right? Regardless, this song is SO much fun, and Tori has a dramatic costume change in the middle of it! I mean, c'mon, people! You’ve got to give credit where credit is due! This is an awesome song, and everything about it makes it a bop: the beat, the lyrics, the vocals, the performance… CERTIFIED BOP.

    6. "L.A. Boyz"


    This is such a great song performed by Tori and Cat who didn’t have a duet like this to speak of. After the show ended, all these rumors started circulating and these actors were pitted against each other and compared for their looks, vocals, and acting capabilities. Well, I’m here to say: HOW ABOUT WE SUPPORT BOTH AND RECOGNIZE THEM FOR THEIR AMAZING TALENTS? And if you don’t believe me, just listen to this song. Not only is this song so fun to sing and dance along to, but it compliments Ariana and Victoria’s vocals amazingly. They both have super unique, gifted voices, but when you put them together... Pure magic happens! This song is great, and it’s a good change from your standard song swooning about girls and turns the tables to show the boys some appreciation. We love our "L.A. Boyz!"

    5. "You're the Reason"


    I don’t know what Trina was thinking when she didn’t like this song. If my sister wrote and performed a song for me that said this stuff, I’d be flattered. Although the song does call her crazy and "a little bit off," so maybe she was turned off by that? Regardless, this song is super catchy, and I don't know any Victorious fan who doesn’t absolutely adore this song. Again… BOP.

    4. "Best Friend’s Brother"


    Dude, this is definitely one of those songs that you play at full volume and sing-along to in front of your mirror into a hairbrush, and I am VERY guilty of doing just that. It's just so good! When that chorus kicks in, I can’t control anything, my soul leaves my body, and I become Beyoncé or something. Seriously, you remember the music video where Victoria does her version of the Tom Cruise scene in Risky Business? That's literally what I do every time this song comes on! I don’t know what it is! This is the most fun Tori solo in all the show, and I can’t get enough of it. I play it on repeat frequently!

    3. "Take A Hint"


    I don’t think players have been burned this hard since “No Scrubs.” I feel like girl power duets really suit Tori’s character. I don’t know why but the way she performs when there’s another vocal powerhouse by her side is just so much better than when she’s solo IMO, and I mean that in the best possible way. This song is a Jade and Tori classic that they sing when two guys flirt with them and they ain’t interested. This is a classic for so many reasons, and this is one of those rare songs from the show that I remember the song, performance, and episode so vividly. The whole episode just fits like a puzzle piece, and I have such fond memories of it. This song was like peak bop for the show. Don’t you just hate it when guys can’t take no for an answer?

    2. "Give It Up"


    This is without a doubt my most listened to Victorious song. I’m not trying to brag, but I was (like many other people were) aware of Ariana’s talent from the moment she opened her mouth and was constantly wishing she would sing more on the show. This is just my opinion, but Ariana (Cat) had some of the best songs and vocal moments on the show. From her re-audition to Hollywood Arts to “He didn’t say I couldn’t sing” line from the iCarly/Victorious crossover episode. Remember how every time she would get a chance to sing on her own, it would always be so brief, but she always made the most of it. This duet with Jade gives them both their chance to shine, and, boy, do they ever! I remember constantly going online to watch this performance. It’s just so good, and the full song wasn’t even in the episode which feels like a crime, but I digress. It’s a memorable and upbeat moment that showed everyone what these two beautiful vocalists had to offer. I can’t get enough of it!

    1. And lastly, "Make It Shine"


    Would I even be a true fan if I didn’t put "Make It Shine" at number one? Yes. Yes I would. Regardless of whether or not you think it’s the best song on the show, it's undeniably the memorable and iconic. It’s the theme song for goodness sake! We hear it every episode, and I don’t know about you, but I never skip it. It’s so wholesome and the message of the song can be applied to every character as they're all just living their young lives and trying to make it in this wild high school/world! It’s 100% my number one, but now that I think about it, I might be a little biased because I had a Tori doll that sang this song when I was younger. Whatever. It’s familiar and nostalgic, and I love it. I said what I said!

    And that concludes my ranking of all the songs from Victorious!


    Whew. My wig... Those were some major bops towards the end there. What are some of your favorites from the show? Let me know in the comments!

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