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    I Recently Rewatched All Of "Victorious" And Listened To All The Albums Too, So Here's A Definitive Ranking Of All 25 Songs From Worst To Best

    "Here I am once again, feeling lost but now and then!"

    Hello, people of the internet! How are y'all doing?


    So, unfortunately, as amazing as Trina’s one-woman “Chicago” number is, it will not be included in this list. Neither will “Leave It All to Shine."

    Alright, here are my rankings:

    25. "Broken Glass"

    24. "Bad Boys"

    23. "Make It in America"

    22. "All I Want Is Everything"

    21. "Countdown"

    20. "Here's 2 Us"

    19. "Faster Than Boyz"

    18. "Favorite Food"

    17. "Beggin' on Your Knees"

    16. "Finally Falling"

    15. "Shut Up n' Dance"

    14. "365 Days"

    13. "Song2You"

    12. "Tell Me That You Love Me"

    11. "I Think You're Swell"

    10. "Cheer Me Up (Only One's Dancing)"

    9. "5 Fingaz to the Face"

    8. "You Don't Know Me"

    7. "Freak the Freak Out"

    6. "L.A. Boyz"

    5. "You're the Reason"

    4. "Best Friend’s Brother"

    3. "Take A Hint"

    2. "Give It Up"

    1. And lastly, "Make It Shine"

    And that concludes my ranking of all the songs from Victorious!