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This Is How Millennials Dream

Do millennials dream of electric sheep? Erm, not quite...but here are some things they *do* dream about. And don't miss Falling Water, starting Thursday, Oct. 13, at 10/9C on USA Network.

To better understand the differences in dreaming between multiple generations, USA Network and Culture Co-Op conducted a dream study polling 1,000 Gen Xers and Yers. Here are some of their most interesting findings:

1. Millennials can remember their dreams better.

2. Their dreams are also more vivid...

3. ...and that vividness extends to colors too.

4. Twenty-nine percent dream of houses...

5. ...nine percent have dreams featuring dogs...

6. ...and twice as many millennials as Gen Xers dream of babies/children.

7. Millennials use more technology and apps in their dreams.

8. The geeky, tech-savvy crowd tends to dream more about nature. Whodathunk?

9. And gamers in particular tend to dream about the physical body.

10. And men in general dream more about sex.

11. Forty percent of millennial men encounter ghosts, monsters, or other supernatural creatures in their dreams...

12. ...while women's dreams tend to be more stressful.

13. Lastly, millennials are more likely to talk about their dreams.

Discover more about dreams in Falling Water, premiering Thursday, Oct. 13, at 10/9C on USA Network.

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All facts from USA and Culture Co-Op