May 2016
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    fallaend commented on What's The Item You're So Glad You Added To Your Baby Registry?

    A manual breast pump to keep in the car or diaper bag! There’s very little worse as a new breastfeeding mom than forgetting your electric pump or not having your baby around to relieve engorgement. Also helpful for when you need to pump and dump. I had the Medela one, it didn’t take… 


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    fallaend commented on These Photos Of Actual Moms Immediately After Giving Birth Are Raw And Beautiful

    Omg these comments are the nicest things I have ever read ??? thank you guys so much!!! I went in for a regular appt at almost 39 weeks and was 6 cm dilated, so I only labored for about 2 hours and pushed for 5 minutes. It was a VERY easy labor and delivery (as it was my second one)… 


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    fallaend commented on Share Your Post-Birth Photos With Us, Moms!

    SECONDS after squeezing my daughter out, in utter disbelief that I did it unmedicated and didn’t actually die (because I definitely thought I was dying)


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    fallaend commented on Tell Us Your Funniest Pregnancy Sex Story

    When I was at the end of my pregnancy with my first daughter, we were trying EVERYTHING to get labor started. When it finally came down to sex, my husband could see her moving around in my belly, enough that he could see little feet and knees, and I had to put a blanket over it because… 


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    fallaend commented on We Wanna See A Photo Of Your Baby Meeting Their Grandparents For The First Time

    My grandfather didn’t get to meet his other two great-grandchildren till they were already a few months old. He said getting to meet his third while she was still very new was so special and on his “bucket list”.


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