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Women's Experiences About Valentines & How Guys Can Get A Valentines Date

Gentlemen, have you always wanted to ask that girl you love out on a date but didn't quite know how to score that Valentines Date?

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The festive season of love is nearly upon us! Its that time of the year where many couples who are fortunate enough to have found each other celebrate Valentines Day.

But not everyone has a happy ending! There are so many guys that have always had an affection for a girl that they've known but never have had the courage to ask them out on a date.

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This article is to help all those guys out there take that first step towards potentially finding LOVE <3.

Straight up, no non-sense advice from the mouths of women who share their experiences and shed light on how to get a date with them which every guy thinks about at one point.

Watch the video below where women have been interviewed and its sure to give you some advice and add a bit of hilarity to your day too.

Women Speaking About Valentine's Experiences & Providing Tips

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Be a gentleman

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One word, be POLITE!! This was one of the most talked about traits given by the women interviewed that a guy approaching them for a date needs to possess and act upon it.

Wine and Dine!

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This is an unspoken event that is expected by the lucky girl that’s agreed to go on that valentines date. The women interviewed expressed that the guy needs to put in effort and plan something like a social get together, grab a quick drink together or a well thought dinner with the sense of ‘dress to impress’ vibe and atmosphere.

Be funny or have a sense of humour

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This is a major sticking point when trying to impress that special someone to get that valentines date! The women were insinuating that the more you make them laugh, the better a guys chances will be when the moment comes to pop the question.

Don’t be fake

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This was the number one thing the women expressed not to do. They advised to just be yourself and don’t try to put on a totally different persona. Don’t feel the urge to have pre-planned pick-up lines! This isn’t a theatre guys, no acting is needed!

Don’t be overly confident or cocky

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This is a huge point the women were trying to get across! It’s not going to get you anywhere or improve your chances in trying to get that Valentines Date! Being confident is attractive but only when you know what you’re speaking about or can one hundred percent back up what you’re saying.

Don’t be close-minded or narcissistic

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If you ever want to get that girl you’ve liked to go on that Valentines Date with you then don’t be close-minded or narcissistic! It’s not attractive which was collectively agreed by all the women interviewed. Try to look at things with an open –mind and try to be modest and respectful.

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