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19 Struggles Of #GrowingUpAdopted.

You are the Chosen One.

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1. When your parents tell you that you're adopted.

Via hogwartsisthebest.tumblr.com

2. When you're not supposed to find out that you're adopted.

Via oliegrishina.tumblr.com

3. Your BFF's reaction when you tell them that you're adopted.

Via hogwartsfansite.tumblr.com

4. Other people's reaction.

Via fandomsohard.tumblr.com

5. You try to be comfortable with the whole adopted thing.

Via certainslantedlight.tumblr.com

6. People tell you they understand how you feel.

Via bookonshelf.tumblr.com

7. How you REALLY feel.

Via buckbeaksblog.tumblr.com

8. Often, a simple question is not so simple to answer.

Via my-harry-potter-generation.tumblr.com

9. Home? It's complicated.

Via my-harry-potter-generation.tumblr.com

10. So, do you know your REAL parents?

Via heartbreakhur.tk

11. People who don't know you say you look like your adoptive parents.

Via hogwartsfansite.tumblr.com

12. Or you look different from the rest of your family. WHAT?!

Via flowers-of-a-hippie.tumblr.com

13. Or you are way too gorgeous to be related to your siblings. Hmm, well..

Via a-stoned-blonde.tumblr.com

14. You don't know what to say when a doctor asks you about your (DNA) family's medical history.

Via theroomofhiddenthings.tumblr.com

15. You are more excited to see your friends than your family.

Via hogwartsfansite.tumblr.com

16. But you have this funny feeling that friends aren't always enough.

Via gilmoresgirls.tumblr.com

17. When someone makes bad remarks about people because their ethnic background, which you identify yourself with, you try to...

Via carolinetriestoreact.tumblr.com

18. But sometimes you just can't help it.

Via mikaels0ns.tumblr.com

19. You are the Chosen One, so to speak.

Via phoenixfire77.tumblr.com

20. Struggle? What struggle?

Via he-named-me-ethan.tumblr.com
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