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Hey Georgia, Here’s Why You’ve Got To Vote In The Senate Runoffs

It's just the fate of the nation hanging in the balance, NBD. Make a plan to vote in the Jan. 5th elections at

1. This time, we've got all the power.

A man flexes with one strong arm that says "Georgia" and a weak arm that says "the rest of the country."
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Georgians turned out in record numbers in the November election, helping to decide the next president. Now, the future of the US Senate comes down to us, Georgia voters. We need senators who will deliver COVID-19 relief, expand quality health care, and end racial injustice. Literally everyone on Earth is watching to see which senators we choose on Jan. 5th. No pressure.

2. COVID-19 is killing us, literally.

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We need our loved ones, our jobs, and any chance of living a normal life. A plan to beat back the virus is past due. We can put leaders in place now who will work together to provide masks, medical equipment, and testing, and who can get a vaccine over the finish line and out the door to all Americans without continuing to play politics with this crisis. These runoffs will also determine whether workers and small businesses will get the relief they need to survive the next few months. So yeah, these elections are kind of a big deal. Vote!

3. We have a healthcare system that’s unfair and unequal. Your vote can change that.

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We need a hospital in every community, visits to the doctor without medical bills that crush us, and high-quality maternity care no matter the color of your skin.

4. We need judges who represent and speak for us.

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Georgia is a diverse community that believes in racial justice and the right to choose. If we want a justice system that reflects who we are, we need senators who will confirm judges that reflect who we are.

5. The economy just isn't where it should be.

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We want to move Georgia closer to providing every community with access to well-paying jobs, fairly funded schools, and affordable housing.

6. Complaining about politics is better when you do something about politics, too.

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Given all of the important issues Georgians are facing, it makes a lot more sense to complain and vote in the people who can help with that struggle than it does to just complain.

7. Civil rights leaders risked it all so we could vote, in this election and every election.

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Voting continues the legacy of legendary leaders. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis, Fannie Lou Hamer, and many brave others who faced violence, prison time, and even death did so to give us the opportunities we have today. We can't dishonor their legacy. We have to show up and vote

8. Every vote matters, and the presidential election in Georgia proves it.

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Surely you've heard all the cool kids telling you this year about how your vote matters. If you don't believe them, then believe the math: The presidential election was decided by less than 12,000 votes.

9. Some people are trying to convince you mail-in voting is full of fraud. That's a lie.

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There is absolutely no evidence of widespread election fraud. More than 1.3 million Georgians voted by mail in November, and their votes were properly cast and counted. When someone's trying that hard to convince you not to vote, that's a good sign that your vote really, really scares them.

10. Simply put: We're not done.

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Now is our moment to lead. The job’s not done. Let’s show up and show the next generation that when we were needed, we took action. We voted for our future and theirs.

You know how important your vote is, so get down to it! Go to TODAY to make a plan to vote.

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