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11 Reasons Fairfield U Is The Perfect Place To Spend Your College Years

Small town, big city — or how about both? At Fairfield University, you get a small-school feel with easy access to NYC, the most vibrant city in the world.

1. Because the campus is the stuff of daydreams...

Cherry blossoms in spring is a real thing, and it happens here.

2. ...and great athletics provide plenty to cheer for.

3. There are spectacular buildings where you'll study and spend class time...

4. …and lots of beautiful outdoor nooks for class outside.

5. Because you get the comfort of a cozy campus, but you also get Fairfield Beach. 🏊

6. The beach is home to general joy, as well as Fairfield U events like the annual spring Clam Jam.

7. Because this is a college town that comes complete with amazing local food joints like Firehouse Deli...

8. dogs you'll never forget at Super Duper Weenie...

9. ...and lots of unique pizza options. Try Colony Grill for something really special.

10. Life in Fairfield is pretty ideal, but when it comes time to start exploring your future career, New York City is barely a hop and a skip away.

Fairfield students can make it to the Big Apple in just about an hour.💃

11. In other words, college life at Fairfield U — complete with a picture-perfect campus and opportunities around every corner — is 💥.

The future is bright and wide open.

Greet opportunities at Fairfield U. Learn more here.