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Lauren Garafano 7 hours ago

Here's All The Celebrity Halloween Costumes From This Year

Here's what celebrities are wearing for Halloween this year.

37 Men From 37 Different Places Dressed In Their National Costume For A Male Beauty Pageant

The USA's national costume is interesting. Very interesting.

Fiona Apple Just Called Out Brendon Urie And Lil Nas X

"I mean, just use a different song."

26 Really Inappropriate "Friends" Moments That Don't Hold Up In 2019

Remember when Ross kissed an unconscious woman at a party, and it ended up being his sister?

A Sexist Tweet About Kirsten Dunst Has Led To A Hilarious Meme Celebrating Versatile Female Actors

"Amy Adams could do The Godfather, but Al Pacino couldn’t do Enchanted."

17 Foods You've Probably Been Eating Wrong Your Entire Life

Pringles are only seasoned on the top side, so you should eat them upside down.

Tessa Fahey 5 hours ago

32 Celebrity Couples That Have Been Together For Years, Yet Somehow I Didn't Know They Were Together At All

Wait, how long have Kevin from Home Alone and London Tipton from Suite Life been a thing??

Twitter Asked People For "Signs Of A Bad Restaurant" And The Responses Were Great

"You ask the waitress what she recommends and she says, 'Leaving.'"

42 Facts About America That Really Freak Non-Americans Out

"Just found out Americans call fish fingers 'fish sticks.'"

You Must Identify 12/20 Of These Colors To Pass This Quiz — But Most People Can't Do It

"It's not turquoise. It's not lapis. It's actually cerulean."

48 Words Americans Pronounce Differently That Piss The World Off

"Do all Americans pronounce La Croix like ‘La Croy’? If they do then that’s the worst thing happening in America."

17 Cringey "Friends" Moments That Almost Ruined The Show Entirely

Remember when Chandler and Phoebe almost had sex??

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