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"What The Hell Is A Panju?" And Other Questions I, A Brown Potterhead, Have For J.K. Rowling

Ask everyone around you to name their favourite Harry Potter character. You’ll hear more names of imaginary creatures than you will of people of colour.

This Fitness And Beauty Vlogger Looks Exactly Like Priyanka Chopra

The more I look at her, the more my mind is blown.

This Woman Photoshops Indian Outfits On American Stars To Fight Fashion-Based Racism

Here are Taylor, Beyoncé, Kim and more in all their desi finery.

Just A Reminder That Kareena Kapoor Used To Dress Like This

Everyone makes mistakes... But when Queen Bebo made mistakes, they became ALL THE DAMN RAGE.

14 Real Confessions About Arranged Marriage From Indians Around The Country

The good, the bad, and the lonely. All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

Hindu Leaders Are Protesting "X-Men: Apocalypse" For Comparing Its Villain To Lord Krishna

The filmmakers have been urged to delete all references to the religion from the trailer and the final movie.

14 Terrible Jokes You Can Crack On Anyone Whose Last Name Is Shah

Please don't throw me out of the community.

A Man Has Invented A Device To Help Women Stay Safe And It Includes A Sewing Kit

He describes it as a "gift" to "women of the world."

The Green-Eyed "Afghan Girl" From The National Geographic Cover Has Been Living Illegally In Pakistan

She received her Computerised National Identity Card in April 2014 in Peshawar, allegedly using fake documents.

This Fashion Photo Shoot Depicts An Indian Woman Being Abused By Several Men On A Bus

"It is not based on Nirbhaya," photographer Raj Shetye told BuzzFeed.

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