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I Bet We Can Accurately Guess Your Grandma's Name

Bet you we can guess it right.

Here’s Why “Insatiable” Is Actually Incredibly Offensive And Fatphobic

The people Insatiable is claiming to represent are the very people it will hurt the most. Warning: This post contains spoilers.

19 Photos That Will Make You Sigh Heavily And Ask "Ok... But Why?"

Some people just want to watch the world burn, now don't they?

I Am So Sorry But Could You Tell Me What Colours You See In This Picture??

They are teal and grey and that's the end of it.

This Is Why People Are Saying "13 Reasons Why" Is A Dangerous Show

“Whilst it's raising a really important issue, it’s doing it in a really harmful way.”

Excuse Me America, Sausage Sizzles Aren't Hot Dogs

They're better, you hear me? BETTER.

This “Married At First Sight” Star Called Her Whole Experience “Fucked”

Season 2 contestant Simone Lee Brennan posted a scathing blog about the show, calling the experience "fucked".

We Know Your Age Based On Your Taste In 2016 Memes

The year of realising that memes are all we have left.

19 '00s Songs You Definitely Forgot About Until This Very Second

"Oh I think... I think I know this." - Probably you, but I'm not a mindreader.

24 Hairstyles You'll Actually Want To Wear To Your School Formal

Not a hair-sprayed barrel curl in sight.

Taylor Swift Just Called Out Kanye West On Instagram

"That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the internet."

27 Problems Only Aussie Kardashian Fans Face

It's hard to Keep Up when you're on the opposite side of the world.

PSA: Australians Are Drinking Milo Totally Wrong

Don't @ me, this is the only logical way.

35 Things Australians Are Doing Completely And Utterly Wrong

Sit down, Australia. We need to talk.

Kim Kardashian Just Had An Epic Twitter Rant About Her Nude Selfie

Girlfriend has been taking some pointers from Kanye.

Taylor Swift Just Gave Kesha $250,000

And of course Demi had something to say about it.

This Athlete Faced A Torrent Of Abuse After Calling Out Her Teammate For Wearing Blackface

"You need to grow the fuck up and get over the fact you're black."

We Tested These Urban Decay Rip-Offs So You Don't Have To

Let's separate the flawless fakes from the crappy copies.

23 Things No Australian Has Ever Bought

"Candy teeth? Delicious"...said no one ever.

An Open Letter To Victoria's Secret, From Australia

What's up with the no-bra bra store, guys?????

Cory Bernardi Slams Colleagues Who Support Marriage Equality

The controversial South Australian senator singled out several colleagues in a feisty interview with BuzzFeed News.

11 Things White People Say At Yum Cha

"Um... Can I have a Coke?"

How Many Of These 2000s Fashion Staples Did You Own?

Be honest now. We're not here to judge.

This Is How "Unsettled" Australia Was Before The British Arrived In 1788

Apparently, Tony Abbott needs to brush up on his history.

15 Things We Learned From Kurt Coleman

We sat down with the Instagram celebrity to discover what makes him tick.

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