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Why Liking Traps ISN'T Gay: The Alt-Right's Secret Weapon!

TRIGGER WARNING: If you are offended by guys who are hotter than girls and look like girls well then you need a confidance boost.

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It seems that somehow somewhere there was an uprising. An uprising of the most unimaginable! The Alt-Right in all its gooey, steamy, memey glory has found a secret weapon that is bringing more to the table than just looks! That's right, what secret weapon have the Kekistany people up their sleeve? Who are these new "Meme Queens"? Why it is simple of course! IT'S ALL TRAPS!

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What do I mean by Traps? Well by definition via Urban Dictonary: "A man who dresses like a woman and is somewhat feminine in appearance. Could almost be mistaken for a woman until you are in the bedroom with one. Watch out for these types, they are usually afraid to get intimate because you might discover their little 'secret', but sooner or later you find out the truth!" So yes, why are these supple and well looking (sometimes also M2F) men the Alt-Right's newest weapon in their on going meme war? On top of looking drop dead gorgeous, these men (sometimes M2F) are packing more than just their looks and cute selfies. Theyre packing what Tai Lopez calls: "Knowlege!" That's right these foxy femme fatales are offering a discussion to break people out of their comfort zones, and into one where there is more than just black and white. More than just left and right, and more than just LGBTQ and Cis. Yes they want to TALK, they want to DISCUSS in a cival way about YOUR point of view and THEIR point of view. Yes these wonderful people are showing just what it means to be a smart, sexy and fierce all the while breaking down the established definition of FEMINISM! That's right, these girls are girls through and through when you think about it. These modern day Rosei the Riveters are what we ALL (alt-right and alt-left conserv and libs) need right now. Infact, come to think of it. Maybe, just maybe Rosei the Riveter was a trans woman (or trap)! She fits the mold, she was strong yet had the face of a delicate porcelain doll. Yes truly trap (and trans) women have been the pivital point for conversations on touchy subject matters. "But Author!" I hear you cry out, "What does that have to do with feminism?!" Well let's bring this back, Traps are the embodiment of feminine beauty mixed with the forceful determination of a soldier! They break down the walls of "Feminism is for FEMALE equality" to make it about a gender nutral statement, that being. "Feminism is about EQUALITY." As i said before, many Traps transition into women. Therefore they know BOTH sides and have a better understanding of the sexes. Therefore they're the best choice for leaders in the fight for feminism and equality. With traps and trans being on both sides, we not only have people who have a full understanding of the struggles for BOTH sexes. But we also have people who understand BOTH sides of the current political spectrum. With this at their finger tips truly traps are the most reliable sources of information as they are quite literally built as UNBIAS. But that could just be my bias because I speak to so many. "Well wait just a garsh darn sec ya heckin author man!" I hear you say (such vulgar language, heck is a strong word!) "How is liking them not gay?" Well it's simple, they're feminine so cis men should not have a fear of being called gay. They also resemble cute anime girls and neko characters. Truly no one can resist a cute anime character! That would be Waifu shaming, and that's just wrong! Plus if the balls don't touch you're safe. So, I ask you now dear reader. Are you prepared for the rise of such traps like those on Red Estrogen Podcast who use their beauty, brains and memes to bring to light serious subjects. Or will you read articles on Buzzfeed written by a person who is awake at 3AM instead of sleeping. I don't know about you, but i think i'd go with the traps. ;) Special thanks to Jen for letting me use her pictures!

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