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“Five Points” Will Make You Rethink High School Stereotypes

You couldn't guess these high schoolers' yearbook quotes if you tried.

Five Points is a new show about the students of Five Points High School. Basically, all of them have secrets, and none of them are who you think they are. Let's meet them!

This is Wallace. He probably looks like a nerd to you.

He's also...a drug dealer?!

This is Tosh. She's popular.

She's got a seemingly perfect life. And a perfect relationship with the star of the football team.

But her life and all of her accomplishments aren't her own. Everything is being planned for her by her mother.

This is Tosh's boyfriend, Eric. He's the star of the football team and was waiting to find out which college wanted him to play for them. Until... unfortunate concussion during a big game left him with debilitating headaches. Now, no college wants to touch him after hearing about his accident.

His dad, a factory worker who wants to retire, is putting ALL the pressure on Eric to succeed.

This is Lexi. She's a bit of an outcast.

She has a hard time fitting in.

But she's an extremely talented musician.

And she dreams of showing off her acting chops in the school's rendition of Romeo and Juliet, though she's too shy to try out.

Lastly, we got CJ. He's a troublemaker.

He does whatever he can to make a quick buck.

He's not out there stealing and selling phones for himself though. He's taking care of his mom and his sister, who are on the verge of eviction.

All images courtesy of Facebook Watch.

To find out how all these characters cross each other's paths and influence the course of each other's lives, check out Five Points, only on Facebook Watch.

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