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How Ratchet Are You Really?

Let's see if you've hit maximum level ratchet-ness.

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  1. 1. How Ratchet Are You Really?

    Are you the Ratchet Queen of 2015? / Via

    Are you the Ratchet Queen of 2015?

    You've once asked for your neighbor's wifi password.
    You got some ashy-ass skin.
    You haven't bought a song on iTunes since 2004.
    You can't seem to eat popcorn at the movies without having everyone turn around.
    You don't see anything wrong with the Jersey Shore cast.
    Joseline from Love & Hip Hop is your spirit animal.
    You be pattin' that weave IN PUBLIC.
    You have a side bang.
    You're a hot mess after a night out.
    You pout your lips in selfies.
    You've once asked someone for their Netflix password.
    You're coupon collection is on point.
    You've asked for Instagram shoutouts.
    Too many times.
    It's either the dollar menu or no menu at all.
    You never understand why people aren't as cheap as you.
    You've snuck in food at the movies countless times.
    You ask for a free cup of water at starbucks.
    Or anywhere you go.
    The sale section is the only section.
    You've thought about auditioning for Real Housewives of Atlanta.
    You can kill someone with those fake nails.
    You tip the restaurant when YOU feel like it.
    You've taken bathroom selfies.
    New York from Flava-Flav is your role model.
    You once beat up a vending machine.
    You've asked to borrow deodorant.
    You just wanted to get yourself a piece of burger.
    You shop at Walmart.
    You've worn a leopard print dress.

How Ratchet Are You Really?

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