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Tell Me How You Figured Out How To Save Money While Shopping During This Rising Inflation

Share your swaps with me.

The unfortunate reality is that everything has gone up in price lately: rent, gas, and of course, food.

stressed man refilling his gas tank

You have may noticed shrinkflation, too — as brands are cutting back on size or quality of their products while increasing the price. I know, it's bonkers!

an empty aisle in a grocery store

Now, people are finding themselves in situations where they have to get a little scrappy to figure out how to cut costs during this inflation when shopping.

female human hand paying with a credit card on a cashier machine in a supermarket

Since no one likes a gatekeeper, I'm turning to the BuzzFeed Community to ask: What product or brand switches have you made recently that is saving you money?

close-up of a person putting money in a till or cash draw.

Maybe instead of buying Tylenol, you switched to your local supermarket's generic brand that is several dollars cheaper but has the same active ingredients in it.

Perhaps instead of buying cases of Poland Spring water bottles at Costco, you bought a Brita pitcher to save on cost and frequent trips to the store.

Close up shot of a woman buying bottled water in supermarket

Or maybe you found dupes of your favorite clothing brands online that look almost identical but cost half the amount.

Rear view of young woman looking at clothes on rack in her hands

Whatever your money-saving hacks are, I want to hear about them! Share them in this anonymous form or in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.