I Tried The Viral Eyelash Hack For Fuller, More Curled Lashes, And Not Only Does It Work But It's Also Dermatologist Approved

    It's basically a lash lift for less than $10!

    Hi! I'm Fabiana — a girl who is willing to spend her money on skincare and makeup products over anything else. At least I admit it, right? I love experimenting with makeup and getting glammed up when I have the opportunity to do so.

    Speaking of zero-effort things, I stumbled upon this eyelash hack recently while scrolling TikTok, and it honestly stopped me in my tracks. Not only did it look incredibly easy to try, but I was also shook by the results people were achieving. It's basically a DIY lash lift: You apply Vaseline onto your eyelash curler and curl your lashes for about 10 seconds, which results in perfectly curled lashes without the use of mascara.

    If you do a quick "eyelash Vaseline" search on TikTok, you'll find hundreds of videos showing people trying this viral hack and achieving an immediate lash lift. I mean, how could I not try this?

    In my opinion, Vaseline is a holy grail product. It's great for slugging (applying Vaseline all over your face and waking up with baby soft, glowy skin), it's great for calming irritation, and now apparently it's great for curling lashes while keeping them hydrated.

    I am a skeptic (especially of TikTok trends), so before trying this hack, I asked Dr. Michele Green, M.D. — a New York–based cosmetic dermatologist — if Vaseline is safe to use on your eyes. "Since Vaseline is an occlusive substance made from natural waxes and oils, it will create a film on top of skin and lashes and block moisture from leaving. This may help condition the lashes and prevent them from breaking off as easily."

    Knowing this, I was excited to give this hack a try because I have very straight lashes that require a lot of curling and many, many coats of mascara to make them look good.

    A closeup of the writer's lashes with a caption saying they could use some help

    Luckily, I owned all of the products already needed for this hack: an eyelash curler, a spoolie brush, and a jar of Vaseline.

    I've seen TikToks where some people apply the Vaseline directly onto their lashes before curling them, while others apply a goop of the jelly onto the lash curler first. I did the latter because it sounded less messy.

    From there, I put the sticky lash curler up to my left lashline and clamped down on my lashes. I held it for about 10 seconds (as I saw people do on TikTok) before releasing the curler. There was a little glob of Vaseline left on my lashes, so I used the spoolie to comb it out.

    Call me dramatic, but I don't think my lashes have ever looked better! I was shocked by the results. I always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, but even then, my lashes never look as curled as they did with Vaseline on them. Instant lash lift!

    The writer's eyes with one treated with Vaseline and the other untreated; the lashes on the Vaseline-treated eye are visibly longer and more curled

    Considering my lashes were curled with a product as thick as Vaseline, they didn't feel heavy or like something was on them, which I was expecting. I also was concerned about getting the Vaseline in my eye, but overall the hack was easy and mess-free (aside from my eyelash curler needing to be wiped afterward).

    I decided to curl my other lashes like normal and apply clear mascara to compare them to the Vaseline lashes.

    The proof is in the pudding, people! Based on the photo below, the clear mascara — a few coats of it — didn't do much at all for my lashes in terms of volume and curl.

    The writer's eyes are labeled, one as being treated with Vaseline and the other with clear mascara; the Vaseline eye's lashes are notably more prominent

    Overall, this Vaseline lash hack was a success! On days when I want my eyes to look wide awake without swiping on mascara, I will definitely be turning to my jar of Vaseline and eyelash curler. It really is an inexpensive lash lift.

    It's also important to keep in mind that Vaseline will not help your lashes grow fuller or thicker. If that's what you're looking to achieve, Dr. Green suggested using a product that is specifically meant for eyelash growth.

    My last tip is if you're going to try this Vaseline hack, make sure to do so with clean hands. "If your hands or lashes are unclean, Vaseline can also trap oil, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and more. For this reason, it is imperative that your hands are always washed with soap and water before touching your eyes," Dr. Green told BuzzFeed.

    Have you tried this lash hack or are planning on trying it? Tell me in the comments below!