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If You're Low Maintenance When It Comes To Doing Your Hair, What's Your Favorite Hair Hack, Styling Trick, Or Product?

Anything to make our lives easier, right?

If you're anything like me, then you are probably low-maintenance when it comes to your hair.

And that means you might also enjoy finding hair hacks — like tips, tricks, styles, or game-changing products — to make life a bit easier.

Maybe you are on the hunt for easy styling hacks to save you time in the morning.

Or you're looking for new ways to style your hair without the use of heat tools.

The author's hair wrapped around a scarf to achieve bouncy curls

Perhaps you swear by an affordable shampoo and conditioner for your newly-bleached hair.

A hand holding up a strand of bleached blonde hair

Or maybe you recently decided to grow out your damaged hair — and you've come away with several learnings you wish you'd known sooner.

One hand holding scissors and another hand holding a comb

Personally, I've been focused on finding ways to extend the life of my dirty hair — since I only wash my hair once a week.

I've tested a bunch of dry shampoos, I've mastered the method of only washing my front layers in the sink to make my hair style look refreshed, and I've learned how to make my slicked back bun look chic (at least I think?).

The author looking down and showing dry shampoo in her hair

In the comments below, tell me any hidden hair secrets you have. (And include a photo if you'd like!)

It could be about hair styling, drying, dying, growing, maintenance... if it has to do with hair, I want to know about it!