People Are Sharing Things They Say Men Can Do Freely But Women Are Often Immediately Judged For

    "Work-related travel. People often think or say, 'How could you possibly leave your children?' Or, choosing to work after having children. 'Why on earth would you want a career, you're a mother?'"

    It's fair to say that unfortunately in society, there are things that some people get unfairly judged for doing compared to others. This Reddit thread where u/procrastinateReality asked: "What is something men can do freely that women would typically be judged for?" collected hundreds of answers. Here are some of them.

    a man saying, "you're going to be judged on everything, don't worry."

    1. "Women are often judged if they shave their head compared to when men do it."


    2. "Women are judged for aging. Any physical signs that affect a person as they grow older — such as wrinkles and gray hair."

    a woman checking her grey hair in the mirror

    3. "Arguing and raising their voice. I've seen times where the man is flying off the damn handle, but not even a raised voice from a woman. [If so], she's called emotional."


    4. "Not shaving body hair."


    "Everyone has hair, but women get judged more for having it because of society's standards."


    close up of person shaving their legs in a bath

    5. "A few things. Sleeping around. Not being in a relationship or wanting marriage. If a woman doesn't have children, it’s because 'she’s undesirable and no one wants her.' If a man wants to be a lifelong bachelor and can actually pull women, he’ll be applauded. No one would believe a woman if she doesn’t want to settle down because she’s a woman."


    6. "Going into a bar alone. Years ago, when I bought my house, I was doing a lot of work on it here and there. There was a local small bar that had great burgers, and I would stop in there from time to time — when I didn't feel like cooking — to get one to go, play some bar-top video games, and have a drink while waiting. I think it was the third or fourth time I went in alone, and ordered my lunch. The bartender came over to me and asked, 'Why do you come in here alone?' Guys at the bar had been chatting with her and looking at me beforehand. I explained why to her. Then, I asked her if she asks men the same thing when they come in alone. Crickets. I never went back."

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    7. "Women often are judged for talking about their sexual activities."


    8. "Women are judged for interrupting people during a conversation. Or, just being conversationally assertive in general."

    a woman looking angry and yelling

    9. "We're judged for going to a restaurant after a certain hour (7 p.m.) and sitting at the bar alone and eating dinner. I used to travel for work, and the evenings were so boring. I would have loved to go eat a late dinner and hang out in a bar at a restaurant but never felt comfortable doing it. I only felt comfortable eating alone at a cafe-type place. Or, I would just get takeout and eat in my hotel room. The only place I felt comfortable hanging out in the evenings was a big bookstore like Barnes & Noble."


    10. "Not as much nowadays, but we are judged for swearing. I'm told it's not 'ladylike.' We have freedom of speech, too. There are plenty of men uncomfortable with swearing, and then, there are women like me who are in the 'regularly says fuck' column. It's more about the culture you were raised in. My dad would curse frequently in front of me, so by the time I was 6, I learned the seven dirty words."


    11. "Women are judged for facial hair — and a lot of women have it."

    a woman in a bathrobe shaving her face

    12. "Depends how 'typically' we're talking about, but I'd say women are judged for deciding not to have children."


    "My wife and I do not want children. She is definitely judged more harshly than I am; however, I’ve heard my fair share of 'Oh, you’ll change your mind' in my life. I think the major difference is that the topic of having children comes up far less with me than it does with her."


    13. "Sitting with legs wide apart. Sometimes, this is referred to as 'man-spreading' when men do it. Women are judged when others perceive they are taking up too much space."

    adults and a child's legs sitting on the back of a car

    14. "Work-related travel. People often think or say, 'How could you possibly leave your children?' Or, choosing to work after having children. 'Why on earth would you want a career, you're a mother?'"


    15. "Not wearing a top. Men can not wear one in public, and everyone can be cool with it. If a woman was to not wear one in public, most people would be disgusted, thinking it has sexual intent behind it."

    a woman with her hand to her head, looking stressed

    Are there any other things you think that men can do freely but women are often judged for doing? Tell me in the comments below!

    Note: Some of these responses have been edited for length and/or clarity