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    17 Not-So-Obvious Things People Think Are Way Too Expensive, And I'm Curious How You Feel About Some Of These

    "If I get declined, that’s $25-$100 I’m never gonna see again. Even if I’m approved, they don’t apply it to your security deposit or your first month’s rent or anything. It’s a waste."

    A few months ago, I wrote a post where I shared specific things people of the Reddit community believe should be way cheaper than they actually are. Commenters on that post had even more things to add to the list, so I'm back to share some of them.

    a girl holding her head looking scared

    1. "Most high-end hair and skin products advertised on Instagram. $40 for shampoo? $120 for eye cream??"


    2. "Non-dairy milk. It shouldn't cost me a dollar to put in my coffee just because my body hates cow milk."

    a man reaching for nondairy milk

    3. "Hard seltzer. It's a shot of vodka, flavor, and fizzy water. Should be $4 a case."


    white claw seltzers on a shelf

    4. "Baking needs: baking soda, sugar, and flour. They don’t change how they make it. The size is smaller, and the price is more."

    Lisa DiLella Szydlowski

    5. "Water, especially plastic bottled water! So much plastic for something we have in our homes — I do understand some people have no choice. However, go buy a water filter, and stop with all that plastic. I work retail and a 1-liter bottle of water costs more than everything besides a few energy drinks and milk. It just makes me so mad!"

    a girl looking confused

    6. "Toilet paper. Trash bags. Literally paying to throw these things away, and they’re both necessary. Just basically flushing your money away at that point."


    7. "Rental application fees. If I get declined, that’s $25-$100 I’m never gonna see again. Even if I’m approved, they don’t apply it to your security deposit or your first month’s rent or anything. It’s a waste."


    8. "I just graduated, and my employer offers a bonus for earning a degree. So, I requested my transcript, and it cost $13 for someone to make a couple of clicks of the mouse and e-mail a PDF to my Human Resources department. If it was being snail mailed, I would expect a fee, but a PDF? Getouttahere!"


    9. "Bottled chilled drinks at convenience stores. The price for a warm 2-liter bottle of Coke is $2. Price for a cold 20-oz bottle of Coke is $3. The electricity to cool that one bottle did not cost that much; they don't mark up milk like that (in fact, the boxed warm milk costs extra)."


    steve harvey looking confused and shocked

    10. "Paying more for white meat chicken. It’s more plentiful than dark meat, while also being drier and less flavorful, but they’ve convinced us it’s worth more."


    11. "The REAL college scam is paying $$$ for software used JUST for homework. And you could have three courses that all use different software. So, not only are you paying for books but for that, too. It’s asinine."


    12. "Phone brands. They change the charger port for each new release. Then, they made it difficult to get a cord that has a USB end. Now, they have a proprietary end that only works with their charger blocks. I have an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and an iPad, and they all use different chargers! The watch, of course, has a different one for obvious reasons."

    a power strip with multiple wires plugged in

    13. "Glasses. I work at an optometrist next door to an optical, and I always wait until the associate's sale to buy glasses, because I get 75% off. If I didn't work here, I'd probably only get new glasses every 3-4 years."


    14. "Gender-based pricing. His disposable razors are the same as mine (except that mine are pink) but cost a couple of dollars less. Same with dry cleaning his shirt vs. mine (exact same style)."

    shirts being dry cleaned

    15. "Air for your tires!"


    16. "Print-at-home fees are insane. It used to be you got a small discount for printing at home."


    17. "Haircut pricing always bothered me, too. Some men have long hair, and some women have short hair. Shouldn't pricing be based on the service and not the gender of the client?"

    a barber cutting a man's hair

    Is there anything not on this list that you feel should be cheaper? Tell me more in the comments below!