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    "How Do We Not Have A Better Invention For It By Now?": People Are Sharing Specific Annoying Things That Still Exist Today But Reallyyy Shouldn't

    "Typing in your username, password, or credit card info one single letter at a time using a four-arrow pad on your TV remote."

    I think we can all agree that there are specific things that still somehow exist today but really shouldn't with how far society has come. For example, maybe it's those annoying "convenience fees" that we are sometimes charged when paying a bill online or the fact that some places ask for you to fax (!) paperwork over.

    selena gomez looking shocked

    Well, I found a Reddit thread that discussed just that when u/jacky_jessie asked "What is something that shouldn't exist in 2022 but still does?" The responses have me nodding my head in agreement. Here are some of them.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity. 

    1. "Cans that you need a can opener for. Just have a pull tab."

    a can laying on its side on a counter

    2. "Scam callers on my cell phone. I don't even answer calls that are from numbers not in my phonebook anymore — I wait for a text or voicemail. It blows my mind that enough people still fall for them and that it's a profitable business."

    a woman saying, "hell to the no."

    3. "Bedbug infestations. Why hasn’t science developed a 'roach motel-like trap' that’s effective against these critters?"


    4. "Women’s clothing with fake pockets."

    kris jenner saying, "this is ridiculous"

    5. "The little gap between public bathroom stall doors. I don’t need to make eye contact with someone taking a shit."


    6. "People who write checks at any retail store."


    "Specifically the people who wait for the total to be rung up and then begin to take out the checkbook, or dig for a pen."


    7. "The rule that men should always initiate and the women have to be chased."

    hands holding a cell phone

    8. "Places without cell service in the US."


    9. "Typing in your username, password, or credit card info one letter at a time using a 4-arrow pad on your TV remote or Xbox controller."

    a man on a laptop saying, "absolutely not."
    a hand holding a tv remote

    10. "Black bars on top and bottom of widescreen TVs."


    11. "Ketchup packets. How are we in 2022 and we don’t have a better invention for to-go ketchup??"

    a small ketchup container next to a hamburger

    12. "Styrofoam egg cartons."


    13. "Door-to-door sales people. Leave me alone."


    14. "Paying for glasses to be able to see others."

    glasses resting on shelves in a store

    15. "Telephone lines. I just got charged an extra $50 because the cable guys put in a landline I didn’t ask for. Cellphones, bro. Cellphones."


    16. "Convenience fees when you pay utility bills online."

    a woman on her laptop holding a credit card

    17. "Paying for pot holes that never get filled."


    18. "Literally any product designed to 'clean' a woman’s hoo-ha. It’s a self-cleaning environment — we don’t need to add anything to it to 'clean' it, and using those products is highly likely to cause an unpleasant infection."


    19. "Paper boarding passes."

    a group of people walking in an airport

    20. "Required documents via fax or physical mail only."


    21. "Shopping cart attendants. Why is this still a job? Aldi has solved the problem by using a quarter to lock and release the cart. Think of all the jobs that store employees could be doing instead and carts would always be returned to the front of the store. Assholes wouldn’t just leave carts all over the parking lot if they lost money each time."

    several grocery store carts in multiple rows

    Do you have anything you could add to this list? Tell me in the comments below!