"But When You Try It, It Just Feels Good All Around": People Are Sharing The Things They Wanted To Hate, But Actually Ended Up Genuinely Loving

    "I used to talk so much trash about it. But then I tried it — and I’ve been in love with it ever since."

    I don't know about you — but I will admit that I have definitely pre-judged things before actually trying them.

    cardi b cringing

    So when Redditor u/DaveBeYou asked the question, "What’s the biggest 'don’t knock it til you try it'?" — I knew I had to scroll through the many responses in the thread to make myself feel better. Here is what some people had to say:

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity

    1. "Blackout curtains. Getting a properly dark room to sleep in is a game changer. You don’t need to spend stupid money on them either — if you have blinds already you can get a regular curtain rod and rail and double up."

    dark yellow curtains on a window

    2. "Colored (smart) lights. I assumed they were stupid novelties. The kind of thing I would expect to see in a college dorm or something, but not anything I would want. I can't believe how much I love colored lights. I work from home in a small office. I have an LED strip behind the monitors, one for the keyboard to light up, and two light bulbs above me. And it's amazing. I have less eye fatigue and fewer headaches but more than that, I just really like being able to change it."

    "Green is my favorite. Feels ridiculous to say, but I swear, I see better with green light. I really do get entirely different vibes from the colors. I'm not saying it's not all in my head, and they are fairly inexpensive but they last forever. They also let you do silly stuff like have the lights turn on two minutes before you show up, or make a button that your kid can hit that makes the lights flash so I can go up and help with his breakfast. I also bought more of the same lights and put them outside my house too. It's also super easy for holiday decorations. 

    For Halloween I turn them orange, for Christmas, they twinkle red and white. Even ignoring the color, I hate having different 'temperature' bulbs. Some of the lights in my living room were more yellow and others bluer. With smart bulbs, I can make them all match and every bulb is dimmable. When I do bedtime stories with the kids, the bulb dims slowly over 20 minutes. Is that needed? Absolutely not. But do I like it? I do."


    3. "A weighted blanket. I was skeptical and thought I’d hate how it felt but now I cannot sleep without it! It’s done a lot for my pain and anxiety."


    a man laying under pillows saying, "very cozy"

    4. "Potato chips on a sandwich. Egg salad to be precise."


    5. "Nude beaches. My wife and I were in Hawaii and on our beach day we were warned that the only beach that was safe from extreme riptide that morning to the afternoon was the nude beach. We deliberated for a long time and finally, we said fuck it. After, like, 10 minutes of awkwardness it started feeling really comfortable and freeing. Something about everyone just laying it out there with no judgment. Would do it again in an instant but next time I'd bring more sunscreen for sure."

    jennifer hudson making a shocked face

    6. "Taking walks for your mental health. They sound kind of boring and whatever when presented to you at first. But when you try it, you immediately feel your head clearing up and it just feels good all around. A good mix of non-tiring exercise and fresh air with nature as well."


    7. "Solo travel. It’s awesome! I can plan and do whatever itinerary I want. I don’t need to wait for anybody to go anywhere, I can choose the hotel, the food, the waking up time, everything. The only downside is that, as a woman, I have to always have an eye out for the creeps I may encounter, however, it is still worth it!"

    a woman sitting on the sand on a quiet beach

    8. "Shaving your legs, pubic region, face, head — whatever you prefer to shave — with hair conditioner instead of shaving foam or gel. I get almost no razor rash, rare nicks and cuts, and almost no ingrown hairs. An ex of mine who shaved his head couldn't believe how soft it made his head and face. It doesn't require anything fancy. I buy the cheapest V05 or Suave conditioner and use a Gillette Mach 3 razor. Have been shaving with hair conditioner for over 15 years."


    9. "Pineapple on pizza. I used to talk so much trash about it but then I tried it and omg — I’ve been in love since."

    taylor swift saying, "so good"

    10. "Meditation. I thought it was some kind of hokey tree-hugger mumbo jumbo at first until I learned that all meditation requires is that you sit still and focus on your breathing. I love it now. It’s amazing how energizing and calming it is."


    11. "Using a bidet. As an American, I get laughed at every single time I talk about how amazing my bidet is. But you know what? Doesn't bother me at all. I know what I'm talking about as I have lived both lives, and I can tell you bidets are 100% better."

    a bathroom with a toilet and a bidet

    12. "Tongue scraping. At first, it seems strange but when you get used to it, the feeling left in your mouth is amazing, so clean, and it's hygienic, too!"


    13. "Sushi. Don't be afraid of raw fish, just try it. Get your wasabi, your pickled ginger, and some legitimately good soy sauce, and give it a go. It's life-changing!"

    a person holding chopsticks grabbing a piece of sushi

    14. "Men getting pedicures. One of my old bosses told me years ago, "That shit will change your life.' I get one now every other month or so."


    15. "Gloves without fingertips. People think they make you look homeless and don't protect you from the cold, but at temperatures above 8 Celcius, they're enough and feel much more comfortable than regular gloves. Plus they let you use your phone, keys, and grip stuff better without having to take them off."


    16. "Adding a pinch of salt to your coffee. Something about the salt inhibits the taste of bitterness."

    a man saying, "oh it's awesome"

    17. "A menstrual cup. It's the best and you save so much money."

    A menstrual cup

    18. "A kindle or e-reader as an alternative to physical books. They weigh less than one pound, fit in your pocket, hold thousands of books, and so much more. Absolute game changer and I love mine."


    Are there any "don't knock it until you try it" things you could add to this list? Share it in the comments below!