Tell Me Which Green Flags Your Partner Showed Early On In Your Relationship

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    At least in my own experience, red flags in relationships are talked about wayyy more often than green flags.

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    However, I think it's important to talk more openly about qualities in people that make for a healthy, loving relationship.

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    So I'm turning to the married folks of the BuzzFeed Community to ask: what green flags did you notice early on that made you realize your significant other was spouse material?

    Maybe when you were dating your now-spouse, their consideration and thoughtfulness stuck out to you so much that you knew they'd made a great life partner.

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    Or perhaps you noticed early on how open-minded and communicative your partner is — two qualities that are really important to you.

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    Perhaps another green flag you learned early on was how honest your partner is.

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    Whatever green flag you spotted in your partner, I want to hear about it! Share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below.

    Some responses might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.