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I've Shot My Shot With Someone Before, And Now I Really Want To Know If You Have Too

Be honest with me.

Dating in general, but especially during these times, is definitely not easy. Trust me, I'd know as I've written several posts about my love life.

The author's profile on the dating app, Hinge
Fabiana Buontempo

With enough bizarre experiences on dating apps, I guess I've gotten gutsy enough to make the first move when it comes to a guy that I'm interested in. I've even slid into a DM before. (Which doesn't happen often, but it has happened.)

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I'm not alone here as I know some of my friends do the same and ~shoot their shot~, as the kids say, when they either see someone they like at a bar, at work or school, on a dating app, or on social media.

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So now that I've been very (maybe too) honest about my own dating adventures, I'm curious to hear from the BuzzFeed Community about theirs.

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I want to know if you have ever shot your shot with your crush — or even an attractive stranger — and if you did, how did it go?

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I'd love to know what you said to your crush. When you made the first move, was it in person or online?

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Would you ever do it again? What would you do differently?

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And most important: how did it GO?? What was the aftermath?

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The more detailed your responses are, the better — so tell me it all in the comments below or in this anonymous form!

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You might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.