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Tell Me About The Pandemic Purchase You Made That You Now Really Regret

Tell me about it!

The early days of the pandemic were certainly a weird time for all of us.

Everyone was in it together — confused, fearful of the unknown, and maybe spending way too much time online shopping.

I remember all of the RANDOM things I bought, not including the clothes that hung in my closet for months with tags on them because where was I wearing them during a lockdown?

So this brings me to my question: Friends of the BuzzFeed Community, is there something you bought during the pandemic that you now really regret?

Maybe you finally caved and bought an air fryer but you barely use it and now it's just taking up a lot of kitchen counter space.

Perhaps you stocked up on puzzles to stay occupied during the pandemic and realized you actually hate doing them so now you're stuck with a stockpile of puzzles in your closet.

hands doing a puzzle

Or maybe you made an impulsive, expensive purchase that you look back at two years later and really regret.

Whatever your regrettable pandemic purchase was — big or small — share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below.

Some responses might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.