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If You've Made Small Changes When Preparing For A Job Interview That Have Made A Huge Difference, I Want To Hear What They Are

Teach us your ways!

Job interviews — virtual or in person — are never easy and are honestly quite stressful.

a handshake after an interview

Throughout the years, I've learned proper interview etiquette, like asking thoughtful questions during the interview and sending a thank-you note shortly after the interview ends.

hands typing on a laptop

However, the job market is competitive nowadays, and I'm sure there are even more interview tips and tricks that will set some candidates apart from others and increase their chances of getting the job.

three people sitting at a table in a job interview

I'm turning to the trusty BuzzFeed Community to ask: What small changes have you made when preparing for a job interview that have made a big difference?

Maybe you spend a little extra time researching the company you're interviewing with so you can bring up insightful information during your interview that impresses the interviewers.

Perhaps you placed a sticky note with bullet points next to your camera during virtual interviews, which has been really helpful for remembering key points without breaking eye contact with whoever you're talking to.

the author taking a selfie on laptop camera

Or maybe you reframed some of your questions to be about the person interviewing you so you get to know them and their experience at the company on a more personal level.

woman talking in a virtual meeting

Whatever the change you've made when prepping for or during an interview has been, share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below!