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    People Are Sharing Feelings And Moments They Think Are More Climactic Than Sex, And I Never Thought Of Some Of These

    "Yeah, sex is ecstasy, but this is better."

    Recently, I came across a Reddit thread where user u/Cautious-Damage7575 asked, "What really IS better than sex?" Reading the wide array of responses, honestly, I was very surprised by all of the many different things people believe to be just as climactic as sex — if not more so.

    Two people in bed

    Here are some of them:

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

    1. "The fantasy of being a better person in a better life somewhere, and the hope that you have the ambition to make it happen."


    2. "Plans you were dreading getting canceled."

    3. "I think cuddles. Seriously, it’s the best feeling in the world, cuddling with the person you love the most. It’s a sensation of happiness, peace, and tranquility that nothing can come close to. Yeah, sex is ecstasy, but happiness is better."


    4. "Jumping into bed when you're really tired."


    Woman lying in bed in the fetal position, hugging a pillow

    5. "A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup before I had COVID. Now it just tastes burnt. Breaks my heart."


    6. "Snowing while it’s Christmastime and you’re inside with the heat cranked up and watching a Christmas movie."

    Person sticking their head out of a car window with their tongue out to taste snow

    7. "What is better than sex is finding that one person to spend your life with, someone you know won't cheat on you, won't lie, and is 100% loyal to you."


    8. "When your headache goes away or your neighbors finally turn off their shitty music."

    9. "Laughing uncontrollably with a group of friends."


    10. "A hot bath with stuff that smells good that is magically set up for you."

    A pair of feet sticking up out of a bubble bath

    11. "That feeling where you are exhausted and finally get into bed after a long, hard winter's day."


    12. "A moment where your vibe and state of life are beyond perfect. Example: sitting in your car listening to your favorite tune and eating your favorite food and having absolutely nothing in life to worry about and/or stress about."


    13. "The adrenaline from finally nailing a piece of music you have been working on learning."

    Hands on a keyboard

    14. "Foot rubs when your feet are really sore."


    15. "Eight glorious hours of sleep."


    16. "Curling up in a pile of warm blankets with a cat or dog."

    A dog curled up in front of a fire

    17. "Taking off your shoes after a long party."


    18. "Being really thirsty and drinking a glass of ice-cold water."

    19. "Getting the first bite of food when you are starving. Just better than everything."


    20. "Stroking her hair while she rests her head on your lap."


    21. "The feeling when you get into bed after you just shaved, especially if you have satin sheets."

    A person's legs seen outside a comforter on a bed

    22. "Jumping out of an airplane — 45 seconds of pure joy. I've only jumped out of an airplane once, but from what I remember, it's possible that it's better than sex."


    Do you agree with any of these? What do you think is better than sex? Let me know in the comments below.