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People Are Sharing Things They Don't Do Anymore Because Of COVID, And It's A Reminder How Much Our Lives Have Genuinely Changed These Past Two Years

"Super common before but unthinkable now."

It's pretty wild to think that it's been almost two whole years since COVID-19 became a global pandemic and disrupted just about every aspect of our lives.

A nurse giving a male patient a Covid test

It's safe to say that life feels totally different now. So when I stumbled upon a Reddit thread comparing life before COVID versus now, I was intrigued by the conversation going on in the comments. Redditor u/Outrageous-Collar-09 asked the question, "What normal thing pre-COVID feels weird now?" — and the responses ranged. Here are some of them.

1. "Wearing any makeup at this point, TBH."

A woman applying mascara while looking into a handheld mirror

2. "Still going to work when you’re sick — because you’re not 'too sick' to work."


3. "Sharing drinks with people. I used to never think twice about drinking after someone."

A group of friends saying cheers with their drinks at dinner

4. "Blowing candles out on a cake — then serving that cake to other people."


5. "Flying on an airplane. Flew for the first time this week since 2018. Shit was weird, man."

A view of the bottom of a plane flying into the sky

6. "Knowing what the lower half of faces look like. I imagine my own version and then I see them without a mask and I get a sort of dissonance."


7. "Coughing and sneezing in public."

A woman sneezing into her arm while standing on a train with people

8. "Reading lips. I’m autistic with an auditory processing disorder. I sometimes hear syllables instead of actual words, so I lip read to make sure I’m hearing someone correctly. Masks have created so many awkward, embarrassing, confusing interactions for me because I can’t lip read anymore!"


9. "Anywhere with a crowd."

A blurred photo of people walking in a busy city

10. "Going anywhere you want without thinking about it."


11. "Dating during COVID sucks. There are no social gatherings to meet new people."


12. "I really miss greeting strangers with a quick smile in public places or seeing that they're smiling at me."

13. "Vaccines not being political."


14. "In-person work. Haven't been on site since March 2020 other than picking up an ergonomic chair once we knew we weren't coming back for a long time."

People sitting around a table in an enclosed conference room in an office

15. "Going to an empty drive-thru and quickly getting fast food."


16. "Going to browse around a store for no reason. I won’t go to stores anymore unless there’s something in particular I need."

A woman browsing a store holding a clothing item in her hands

17. "Going to a hospital without a mask. Super common before but unthinkable now."


18. "Salad bars were always kinda sketch — but I miss them."

People at a salad bar putting food onto their plate

19. "Uber pools."


20. "In the Southern US, a handshake used to be a given. Now everyone has to do this weird half attempt or ask if it's okay to shake hands. Most people have just stopped. It's so bizarre."

A close up image of two hands shaking

21. "Watching movies with scenes of crowded elevators and no masks. 'Yikes' is all I can think now."


What are some things that you considered normal pre-Covid but bizarre now? Tell me in the comments below!