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People Are Sharing Things That Were Once Normal Before COVID, And I'm Genuinely Curious If You Agree

There's a lot going on here.

I recently wrote a post about things people don't do anymore because of COVID based on a Reddit thread I found — and commenters had A LOT to say about some of them.

Now I'd love to hear from YOU if you agree or disagree with some of these things that were once viewed as normal but not so much anymore. Ready?

1. Going to work when you're sick.

A girl laying on a couch under a blanket

2. Sharing drinks with people.

3. Going to a theme park.

A yellow roller coaster up in the sky

4. Wearing makeup on a daily basis.

A woman applying eye makeup while looking in a compact mirror

5. Blowing out candles on a birthday cake and then expecting others to eat that same cake.

A girl blowing out candles on a birthday cake

6. Going bowling and sticking your fingers in a bowling ball that’s been used by other people.

A bowling alley in the distance with a close up shot of bowling balls.

7. Flying on an airplane.

An airplane flying over a lit runway at night

8. Drinking from public water fountains.

A woman bending over to drink from a public water fountain

9. Stopping to take a free food sample while shopping at Costco.

People wearing masks going to a Costco store

10. Going somewhere with a huge crowd.

Crowds of people walking outside in the street

11. Allowing a handyperson into your home to repair something.

A repairman wearing a blue shirt and hat looking into someone's dishwasher

12. Going on a blind date.

A man and a woman sitting outside at a table drinking something

13. Smiling at strangers in public.

Two women walking together and talking outdoors in the city

14. Wearing clothes other than sweats everyday.

A woman standing in her closet holding up a brown hoodie on a hanger

15. Working in an office with co-workers.

16. Going to the grocery store to food shop.

A person holding a basket of groceries in a grocery store aisle

17. Casually browsing and taking your time shopping around a store.

A man in a striped suit looking at suits on hangers in a store

18. Licking fingers to count money, open plastic bags, or to separate papers.

A woman putting bananas into a plastic bag at a grocery store

19. Not leaving the house without hand sanitizer.

A person pouring hand sanitizer into their other hand

20. Taking Uber pools.

A group of people using a ride sharing service

21. Not thinking twice about giving someone a handshake.

Two people shaking hands

22. Hugging someone when you first meet them.

Two people hugging one another at someone's front door

Are there any other habits or behaviors that felt normal before COVID compared to now? Let me know in the comments below!