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    "When A Girl Laughs And Does This": People Are Sharing Non-Sexual Things That Turn Them On, And I'm Curious If You Agree With Any Of These

    "When there’s a conversation going on with multiple people and when I look over at him, he’ll do this to me. I melt still after being married for 13 years."

    I came across this Reddit thread where u/asexyjohn18 asked "What is a non-sexual trait that turns you on?" I loved the variety of responses in the thread about intimate things that can make someone attractive, so I figured I'd share them. Here are some of my favorites.

    a woman pulling down her glasses staring

    1. "Getting my head scratched or having someone run their fingers through my hair."

    a woman getting her head scratched

    2. "When a girl genuinely laughs at jokes I make."


    "I remember being on a first date with a beautiful woman and I made a bit of corny joke or comment and she laughed at it. I remember thinking, 'Damn, wait till I get to my good stuff.' I did get to my good material apparently as we were married. She gives me as many laughs as I give her."


    3. "Smiling right at me and men stretching."

    a woman swooning

    4. "Kindness. When I see someone going out of their way to help others for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do — that is some truly attractive vibes."


    5. "When a guy explains something to you in a calm and understanding voice. Bonus points for gentle eye contact."

    a woman saying, "that"

    6. "Being crazily intelligent. Screw dirty talk. I want you to explain some unexplainable shit in my ear."


    7. "Men who cook."

    a man at a stove cooking

    8. "When someone I am attracted to, talks about something they are passionate about."


    9. "When a girl laughs and her nose does that little crinkle."

    10. "Calmness."


    "My husband says this doesn't turn him on but was very important in why he found me attractive overall. Some bad thing would happen and I would just take it in stride. A piece broke off my car as I was driving and I just gently eased it over to the side. He still talks about how impressed he was by it. He says it's because of something he read in a book about survival. How in many worst-case survival scenarios people make their situations worse by becoming emotional and thus making poor decisions based on that response. But those who kept calm tended to make good logical decisions and their outcomes trended toward the positive."


    11. "Sense of humor."


    12. "Men doing intricate work with their hands."

    a man working on something with his hands

    13. "Certain accents I find so wonderful to listen to, I imagine marrying them so I could hear it every day."


    14. "Men rolling up their sleeves."

    ariana grande with her hand up

    15. "When she leaves her phone in the other room and genuinely enjoys spending time together without feeling the urge to show me something on social media."


    16. "When a guy is either undoing or doing up his belt."


    17. "Smell really turns me on, doesn't matter what you look like — if you smell good you're a turn-on for me."

    a man saying, "you smell terrific."

    18. "Fascination in some educational topics such as art, music, history, culture, science, or tech."


    19. "The quick wink. I don’t know why, but it gets me flustered. When there’s a conversation going on with multiple people and when I look over at him, he’ll give me a quick wink. I melt still after being married for 13 years."

    a woman swooning

    20. "Them naturally blushing."


    21. "A woman just being herself and not giving a flying fuck about what others may think."