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People Are Sharing Subtle Signs That Someone Is Very Intelligent, And BRB As I Take Some Notes On These

"When you see it, it's very impressive."

I recently found this Reddit thread where u/Rich_Poem4078 asked "What are some small, low-key signs that someone is really intelligent?" and it sparked my curiosity. A lot of the answers in the thread were so thought-provoking, I had to share them. Here are some of them.

a woman saying, "you guys I'm, like, really smart now. You don't even know."

1. "They can frame and process unfamiliar things quickly as they learn them. They can connect them to familiar things easily both for themselves and in conversing with others."


2. "Quick understanding of concepts that they've never encountered before. When you see it, it's mad impressive. A friend watches a sports game for the first time and immediately picks up on the habits and style of each team. Someone who hears a complicated explanation of something and quickly translates it into something that makes sense. It impresses me every time I see it happen."


a woman with a young boy saying, "he was in a gifted program and everything"

3. "Asking questions. Curiosity is the true foundation of intelligence."


4. "They are able to adjust their speech without sounding patronizing to the person they are speaking to. They pay attention to how other people learn and explain things in their terms."


amy schumer saying, "brilliant, just brilliant"

5. "They don't go around telling other people how smart they are."


6. "Quiet confidence when in discussion and being able to discuss BOTH sides without turning it into an argument."


a woman saying, "critical thinking"

7. "They are comfortable admitting when they are wrong or don’t know the answer."


8. "They can debate without vitriol. Really intelligent individuals can present a well-informed argument while leaving emotions aside and without insulting their opponents."


9. "They make keen observations about minuscule things. Shows how attentive and aware they are."


"I just got too much knowledge"

10. "They don’t pry and interrogate others on their own knowledge or field of work. Smart people understand that others can be smart, too. It’s not a contest."


11. "Can make complex ideas explained in an easier way."


jimmy fallon saying, "very smart!"

12. "They ask few questions, but the ones they do ask are very insightful."


13. "Adaptability. A smart individual can always think of different solutions when circumstances change."


a woman saying, "genius"

14. "A combination of critical thinking skills (direct problem solving) and lateral thinking skills (thinking outside the box). Being able to pull together data from both inside and outside a problem to solve it."


15. "They think with their brain rather than their emotions."


16. "When asked a question, they take the time to think about an answer rather than just blurting out any and all info on the subject that they remember."


a man smiling and pointing to his head

17. "Tactful and careful wording. It implies that they are consciously and actively taking into consideration their environment and the feelings of those around them. Someone who blurts out something impulsive or insensitive is typically not someone I would consider wise."


18. "Excellent memory and retention and then application of such after a passage of time."


Do you know of any other signs that someone is intelligent? Tell me in the comments below!