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Why Did You Quit Your Job During The Pandemic And What Are You Doing Now?

Time for a fresh start.

One of the silver linings of spending most of 2020 (and even some of 2021) in quarantine was that it gave everyone a lot of time to think.

All of this time on everybody's hands led many people to reevaluate parts of their lives and situations, including their careers.

More than four million people left their jobs this past June, and it's been dubbed "The Great Resignation."

So this got me thinking: If you're someone who quit their job during the pandemic: why did you do it? And what (if anything) are you doing now?

Maybe you turned your side hustle into your main hustle.

Perhaps you realized that sitting at a desk all day isn't for you.

Or maybe you decided to change careers or industries completely.

Tell us in the comments below why you left your previous job, what you decided to do instead, and any advice you might have for someone considering the same thing.