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    Hotel Workers Are Revealing Some Of The Bizarre And Shocking Things That They've Found In Guests' Rooms After Check-Out

    I have so many questions about these.

    When I check into a hotel, I often wonder about the people who stayed in the room before me. Maybe it's a personal sanitary thing, but I often look around a hotel room just waiting to find something from a previous guest. Weird, I know.

    A suitcase in front of a bed in a hotel room

    On that note, I was very intrigued when I came across these two Reddit threads that discussed just that. Redditor u/thepiffpuff asked, "People who clean hotel rooms, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found?" and u/Pillars-Of-Ivory asked, "People that work in hotels, what are the weirdest things you've found in a room, left behind from guests?"

    The responses in the threads are, honestly, a bit all over the place. Here are some of them.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity. 

    1. "I don't know how he got in, but a guy checked out once and left, like, 20 cats in his room. Living cats, all just chilling."

    2. "Shit smeared literally everywhere. The walls, the bedsheets, the carpets. Everywhere except the bathroom.

    "We also found some kind of harness and a ball gag, so I know the harness was a sex thing. We had to call a full biohazard team, and they had to do a full deep clean of the room, buy a new mattress, and had it shut down for weeks.

    "We charged the guest's card for everything. Same dude called back a few weeks later freaking out asking why the fuck he was getting such a huge bill. We explained in great detail what we had to do and why he was paying every cent."


    3. "Does an AirBnB count? We found a sex toy and some condoms. My partner is worried they used it to film porn. We've had it professionally cleaned. He keeps looking online to see if he sees our place."

    A man holding a condom

    4. "A half-eaten candy thong on the floor; it was absolutely horrific to find."


    5. "A snake in a terrarium. I got real close before I realized what it was."


    6. "Polaroids of a threesome hidden between the mattress. Another time, I found a bottle of vodka atop a vanity where nobody but a maid would look."

    7. "A crack pipe in the bed and a disturbing array of pubes in the bathroom!!"


    8. "We had one woman stay a week and then leave everything behind. And I mean everything. Clothes, makeup, hair styling tools, shoes. And this wasn't crap stuff; about 50% was high-end. We thought she must have been kidnapped or something, but she said that she had replaced everything during her stay, and we could throw out what was left out. The clothes were pretty good, so the girls took a lot of them home."

    9. "A kid left one of those mandarin orange fruit cups in a safe with a note that said 'please enjoy.' I didn't."


    10. "Usually phone chargers. I’ll never have to buy a new one again. Also, the place I worked at had a promo that came with a bottle of wine. Even people that didn’t drink used the promo cause it was cheaper and then left the bottle there. I was encouraged by the manager to take home a lot of wine as a pregnant 18-year-old."

    A hand holding multiple phone chargers

    11. "Haven't worked in a hotel since the 20th century, but does finding a dead body count?"


    12. "Tampon. Might not sound weird, but it was inside a pillow case with the pillow."

    13. "I was a night auditor at a hotel, convention center, restaurant place, and we had guests that would set up 24-hour meth labs in the suites. Not only is that junky, but the chemicals involved in making meth, in the vapor, turn everything in the room flammable. They're huge fire traps."


    14. "I've found a rat in a juice jar, a bag of drugs, used condoms, and dentures left behind."


    15. "My parents a found a Nintendo Switch left behind."


    A person's hands playing with Nintendo Switch controllers

    16. "One time this guy came in with three friends and rented a room. Nothing much happened for the first two days. On the third day, around 10:30 p.m., guests started complaining about the noise. Just before I walked in, they blasted off from the room that stank like weed and shit. When I came in, I was absolutely shocked. A heavy stench of weed was all over the hotel room and started spreading to the corridor. I noticed a note on one of the beds, but I could not really figure out what was written. There was a puddle of probably piss on the floor. The bathroom had a fireplace in the shower. I was really afraid that they would burn down the whole building.

    "I quickly ran for the extinguisher and put the little fire down. They returned maybe 10 or 15 minutes later, and there were cops waiting. Three of them tried to run but were caught not even in a single minute. They have been fined, and one of them was jailed for three months. They repaid full and were put on the blacklist."


    17. "Girlfriend worked at a hotel long ago. I showed up to get her from work, and she showed me a room, and we counted around 25 dildos of various shapes and sizes hidden sorta like how people hide Easter eggs, in view just kinda obscured. The bed didn't even look disturbed, so I legit thought it was just some kinda get together she had planned for us."

    18. "I worked room service at a mid-range hotel. One of the strangest things I remember seeing was during a champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries delivery for a honeymoon package. This one was requested for delivery before the guests arrived, and I could tell the second I walked into the room that I was not the first person to have been in there.

    "Someone had tossed rose petals around the room and added some decorations for their magical night. The one that stood out though was a 3x3 printout of the bride's father with a massive, cheesy grin and a thumbs-up. It was taped to the ceiling directly above the bed."


    19. "I found a stained, laminated photo of a pig wearing lingerie in a hotel here in Alabama. It was in between the bedsheets, so the owner must have left it behind by accident."

    A bed with white pillows and sheets

    Have you ever worked in a hotel and found something left behind by a guest? Tell me in the comments below!