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    If You're Trying To Exercise More This Year, Here Are 9 Things To Remember (From Someone Who Didn't Work Out Until College, But Genuinely Loves It Now)

    Some of these I learned the hard way.

    When it comes to fitness, everyone's journey has to start somewhere — and there's a lot to learn along the way.

    For me — a 28-year-old Italian American gal whose culture revolves around food — it took some trial and error for me to get going with my journey.

    The author taking a mirror selfie in a workout outfit

    Once I graduated college, I low-key considered myself something of a fitness buff because I ended up falling in love with all things cardio, strength training, Pilates, yoga... You get my point. I was eager to try it all and learn how to properly take care of my body.

    1. To prevent any injuries, a mobility warmup is key before any sort of workout.

    Two hands pulling back on toes to stretch the foot

    2. If you feel pain somewhere, it's almost always linked to something else.

    3. You don't need to do superintense workouts every day.

    4. Know which muscle groups can be worked every day and which cannot.

    5. When doing strength training, consider using lighter weights if you feel your form getting compromised.

    A woman lying on a yoga mat holding dumbbells in each hand

    6. Pay attention to your protein intake if you're trying to gain muscle.

    Someone drinking a protein shake

    7. Variety in your workout routine keeps things interesting — and will keep your muscles guessing.

    A group of people in a workout class doing a move with one foot on a medicine ball

    8. Rest days don't necessarily mean just lounging around on the couch.

    A person lying on a couch under a blanket with just their legs sticking out

    9. Overall, it's important to know that exercise can be frustrating or difficult at times. You might be unmotivated some days to move your body or you might feel overwhelmed choosing which workout regimen is best for you. I've found that it's important to listen to your body and that exercise should be enjoyable and ultimately make you feel good.

    The author posing in front of a mirror with workout clothes on doing a peace sign

    Do you have any helpful fitness tips to share? Tell me in the comments below!